Monday, March 19, 2007

I haven't stopped knitting

... but I don't have anything new to show you. Why? The Forest Path Stole grew from 10 tiers to 16 tiers ... but visually, there isn't much difference:
It is so long now that I figure the best place to photograph it is against the light of the TV screen! But very soon, even that won't do.

I am dying to start a new pair of socks using the Panda Cotton gifted by Debi ... but I know I shouldn't do that ... because that is a sure ticket for accumulating UFOs! So, I also worked a bit on the Traveller's Socks.

The worst of all ... warm season is worming in and I so want to make some summer knits. *sigh*


Laura.Y said...

hahaha knitters all around the world are the same. We suffer from the "too many nice knits to knit" syndrome. :D

Dipsy said...

My gosh, this is *so* beautiful - well worth all the hours you spend with it!

Debi said...

Your FPS is beautiful Agnes! Go ahead and finish up those Traveller's so you can try out some new yarn :)

KnitSanity said...

I just love your stole. Are you having any problems working with black yarn? I'm seriously considering starting over in black.


Rebekah said...

Wow it's really gorgeous though! I can't wait to get done with this blanket so I can get back to my shawl. I can't wait to wear the thing.

Opal said...

Oh so gorgeous! *swoon*