Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Random Tuesday

Over the weekend, Husband bought a Mac Book ... I joked that we have turned to the dark side! We, or to be exact, only I at the moment, are in the process of moving things out of the retiring laptop to the new guy. And I also have to learn my way around the Mac ... and install the photo editing software, which is tricky and thus has to be done by Husband. So, I don't have any photos for today.

I have switched to the new Blogger for quite some time. So far, I like it ... except that I haven't figured out how to add my own blog title photo. Besides, it seems it now becomes impossible to have HaloScan comments together with the Blogger comments. So, I have to dump HaloScan.

My sewing hasn't gone anywhere yet. But I think I finally found a sewing book that talks to me. When I have the photos ready, I'll share my favourite projects from the book with you. Right now, I am also waiting for another sewing book to come.

I made progess in the Forest Path Stole ... despite a little setback over the weekend. I made the big mistake of using the KnitPicks dpns as stitch holders. For one moment, I forgot to put a stopper back and there you go ... several stitches got loose and freed themselves! Though it was only a few stitches, the way entrelac panels are linked to one another forced me to frog 4 of them! But I am back on track now ... in the middle of the 6th Tier to be exact. Honestly, this stole pattern is really not complicated at all ... and thus can be quite relaxing knitting for watching tv.

I am also eager to finish the twin sock for Husband ... as I really really want to make the gorgeous entrelac knee socks from the latest IK.

Finally, Rebekah is collecting knitted squares to make a Blanket of Hope for Sonya's Husband. I just made one yesterday. Once it is dried from blocking, it'll be on its way to join the others. Do you think you have time to knit one? If so, you can read about it here.


Dipsy said...

I've only been working with a Mac in the last job I did, and even though I've been struggling big time with it at the beginning, things got a lot more smoothly and easier soon - and I ended up loving it! I'm sure you'll be getting used to it soon and will enjoy the advantages of a Mac soon - yay for that! ;)

twig said...

Aaaack! A .. a ... MAC????


Elspeth said...

I just got a Mac Book as well and my husband is happy because he doesn't have to do any IT when he gets home - he just tells me he doesn't know anything about Macs! I haven't seen all the excitement about it, but I don't use it all that much either.

Isn't Rebecca's project fun? I made 9 "squares" already - I love that it's freeform and you can make the size/shape that you want!

Rebekah said...

Agnes thanks for mentioning my project, I reall appreciate it!

And a new toy, how fun! Enjoying using your Mac.

Opal said...

How frustrating to have to frog back on your FPS! I'm glad to hear that you're back on track though.

Have fun playing with your new toy. I hear Macs are great that way.