Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year New Commitments

Woo ... 4 days into the new year and I have already taken on several new commitments! On the knitting front is of course my first time hosting a KAL. Then it's another session of Yarn Focus Challenge hosted by Rebekah. I am proud to say that I did really well in last year's challenge and I would like to keep the effort up. I know that there is a Knit From Your Stash 2007 ... but I am afraid that would become something like a crash diet to me ... so I decided to take the more moderate and shorter version.

Then there are 2 new projects. First is Project 365. My photo blog using Bloggers hasn't been too successful in the sense that I almost never update it and I am not really good at taking artsy photos. Project 365 is different ... there is no need to be artistic ... just a photo (or more) a day from anything in my daily life. I am sure it would be fun and meaningful to look back at these images of life at the end of a year. So far, I don't feel any pressure but am enjoying it. To make sure I do take pictures every day, I turn the camera's date print on so that the pictures I post are really taken on that day ... got to stop myself from cheating. ;)

Finally, the awesome girls from Runagogo did a great job of pulling me away from my couch and got me moving again. The target is to finish 100 miles by April 1. I am not sure if I would be able to do that ... but at least I started going to the gym again today! There are still 99 miles to go though.

Amidst all these, of course there is the knitting. Things are going well:

This is the back of the Sashiko Jacket
... isn't it beautiful?

I know this looks awfully similar to
the last pic I posted.
But look closer ... there is a back piece!


Debi said...

Both of these sweaters are just breathtaking! You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

I love the indigo colors in the sashiko jacket, beautiful work! It looks really fun to work on! The Ogee tunic is lovely, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your sweaters are beautiful.

Knitting sweaters is one of the very few things I miss about living somewhere that actually has a Winter.

I'm going to go wander through your archives.

I can hardly wait to watch your progress on the Forest Path. Thank you so much for your nice comment about my shawl and Tigger.

I answered your question you left in my Comment section in my post today.

Thanks for stopping by.


opportunityknits said...

The sashiko is so interesting.

emy said...

I have to say that the Sashiko Jacket is on my to-do list! Lovely!

Toni said...

I am loving both sweaters, esp. Shashiko. Is that intarsia? Brave woman.

Jennifer said...

That Sashiko jacket is gorgeous!

Rebekah said...

Ahh yes, January comes around and we all become joiners. I think I'm joining the Forest Stole, how can I not? Plus I already have the yarn and pattern, it's perfect.

twig said...

The sashiko is gorgeous. Good luck on the Yarn Focus.

Peggy said...

The Sashiko looks fabulous and like a lot of fun!

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, you'll be busy, that's for sure! I really like Project 365, what a great idea! And my gosh, the Sashiko looks so fantastic - it seems like a whole lot of work, but the result will definitely be worth it!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about your Ogee Tunic. I am preparing to start one myself. Can you tell me about your narn & needle choices?