Monday, January 15, 2007

Keeping up with NY Resolution

Isn't it the same with you? After a successful and interesting FO, it felt kind of very anti-climactic to work on something purely plain and simple? But perhaps it's the best time to really get down and just do it. Plus it is time to put my new year resolution (tending to the WIPs) into action, right?

So, with the help of lots of CSI episodes, Columbo, Matlock, Father Ted and Mythbusters, I managed to make the Husband's Sweater grow! The back was finished and I am now past the armhole shaping of the front. With the decreased stitches after the armhole, it went pretty fast ... so I am confident that I can have the front finished tonight.

Dark green is such a bitch to photograph!


Anonymous said...

I have been watching a lot of mysteries too, Poirot and Midsomer Murders was how I got my knitting done over the holidays :)
Hey, Agnes B. is a famous designer! Your husband will love his sweater.

opportunityknits said...

I'm craving some stockinette myself, but got to finish some of these UFOs before I start another thing. By the way, your signature on the photos is very stylish.

twig said...

My knitting tv of choice is Star Trek. *laugh* I'm making Rogue right now and that has quite a bit of stockinette. While I enjoyed the simplicity at first, I'm a bit tired of it.

Rebekah said...

Ahh mindless knitting can at times be perfect. Dark green is definitely a bad color to photograph.