Monday, January 08, 2007


The yarn I am using for the Ogee Tunic contains 50% alpaca ... and you remember my problem with alpaca yarn, right? Since my fingers started feeling itchy again, I decided I needed to quickly finish the knitting of the project. Maybe knitting with a yarn you're allergic to would make you finish faster ... hahaha ...

The knitting went quite smoothly ... except for one little confusion caused by the pattern. You see, I think the writing of knitting patterns should be categorized as technical writing, which should be clear, precise and straightforward. Now, take a look at this:

"(WS)Change to St st and work 13 rows even, increase 1 st each side on first row - XX sts."

So, what do you think? You work 13 rows even, or 12 rows even? I was confused when I worked on the first sleeve. Of course, one row's difference is not that much. But if it was written well, it would spare me the confusion, right?

The Ogee pieces ready for the seaming party!

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Dipsy D. said...

I'd say 13 rows - but then again, I'm also confused by that...