Saturday, December 23, 2006

All I want for Christmas

... is for the zipper to arrive. But it seems it is not going to happen ... Mr. Postman is much too busy with the festival delivery! You see, the knitting and sewing and all finishing of the Princess-seam Jacket were done:
No zipper, no closure! But the good news is that the jacket is going to fit with the zipper and blocking. I wore it to the farmers' market this morning and I love it. The jacket has a lovely shape and is actually quite elegant, but goes well with jeans for a dress down outfit.

In my last post on this jacket, Casey gave me a very good tip on blocking on carpet ... using a plastic bag underneath the towel. I also came across other knitters' idea of using a styrofoam as blocking board on the Knitters' Review Forum. But since I stopped going to big shops starting Thursday to avoid the holiday shopping crowds, I think I won't go to Home Depot until after the new year.

Thank you all very much for your caring concern. We heard some commotion last night and we thought it was the girl coming back for her personal belongings. Obviously she was not alone. Husband and I felt bad for her all day yesterday. We also filed a complaint against the neighbour with the complex management. Their advice was that we should call the police immediately if anything like this happens again and at the same time inform them or the courtesy patrol. This way we don't have to let a stranger inside our apartment. Well, I just hope that we won't have to use this advice anymore.


Debi said...

What a beautiful jacket Agnes! I bet it looks stunning on!

Happy Holidays to you and the hubster!

Jerry said...

Agnes, that turned out beautifully! I'm sorry the zipper didn't arrive yet.

Happy Holidays to you and your husband.

Cathy said...

Another item to block on is the interlocking foam floor mats like they have for kids playrooms. I have 2 with towns on them. You can stick as many pins in them that you need to, as many times as necessary, they're waterproof, and you can disassemble them and not worry about them breaking.

Have a Merry Christmas!