Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Sky

It was a lot more beautiful when you saw it in person. ;)

Not too much knitting was done in the past few days because I got a new toy! I managed to get the machine start working and simple stitch a straight line. And of course, I have been searching for simple projects which I can practice more ... but for the time being, simple stitch and tension. ;)


twig said...

Oh what a nice machine. Happy sewing!

Jennifer said...

Very nice! Enjoy!

Ms. Knitter said...

I remember when I was in school, in home economics, they let us play around with the sewing machines a lot, and what we all practiced one were little pouches and bags. They're good to work on to get the feel of the machine, and end up useful, too, for storing small stuff.

I miss sewing. I really ought to do more of it, since I have a sewing machine at home now too.

ruth said...

ooh ooh ooh!! a sewing machine! and a terrific deal on it too! =D