Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's time for some gloves!

Christmas is approaching ... the mercury is dropping ... sharply. Last night was the coldest night so far. Sweaters and jackets take a long time to finish, so I think some accessories would be nice.

I have knitted lots of socks ... but just one pair of gloves for myself. So I grabbed the kit (the Siren's Heart Fingerless Gloves) I got last year and started. Very satisfying knitting indeed. Just a few hours and I could get most of one glove done:

This was the first time I did colourwork since the Old Tiles Jacket ... and oh how I love doing this with wool so much more! This was also my first time doing fair isle knitting ... and not surprisingly, I didn't fare too well! The problem? Tension, tension, tension! On close examination of the glove, I did not too bad, not perfect though, with the main pattern:
But you can see below that I do have great problem with narrow stripes:

Well, this is going to be a practice session ... I am going to do it all over again using slightly larger needles. But I can really see how some of you are so addicted to colourworks! It's fascinating.


alltangledup said...

i think that it's really really good. After all these years, I'm still consciously avoiding fair-isle

Debi said...

I think it looks great! I never knit any hand coverings before my niece's wristers but I agree, they are very satisfying! I'm knitting gorgeous lace and beaded ones now!

Did you check out the new blog?

Spinneret said...

Twining. I can never get the tension right either. Unless I twine the yarns on the back side. A little Swedish trick my Great Grandmother never taught me.
Knitty has info on it. Makes a nice warm fabric, and doesn't snag like regular fairisle.

twig said...

Looks great. I try Fair Isle every now and then and each time I realize that it's not quite for me, though I sure do wish it were.

Laura.Y said...

What are you talking about? :) It looks great! The black and red contrast really nicely with that pattern.

Mimi said...

I have an UFO fair isle project from couple years ago. I guess I need more practice with this technique.
Your glove looks pretty good to me!

Jennifer said...

I think the gloves look wonderful. I love red and black together.

Peggy said...

I love the red + black combo!