Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That knitterly things meme

As usual, I am late to this knitterly-thing party.

1. Practically, I've never knitted with straight needles, except DPNs for socks. But I am quite sure I won't miss them if I had!

2. Knitting is always associated with grandmothers (and I hope this has changed a bit!). But I haven't seen my grandmother (my mom's side) knit ... and I don't think she did. While for the other grandmother, she passed away before I was born, yet from information I can gather, she didn't knit either. Actually, according to my best knowledge, no one in my extended families knits. So, you can say I am an odd skein ... hahaha ...

3. I always read knitters saying that they would knit on road trips while their partners are driving. Not for me. Knitting is a dangerous activity in the front passenger side of a moving vehicle.

4. I always have problem understanding why people would knit (or crochet) bikini swimsuits. Do they really wear these to swim? That again is quite a horrifying thought to me!

5. I seldom knit in public though I don't avoid doing so. I think I share blossom's feeling on this.

6. I recently learned that having the yarn stash easily visible to me helps me to be more controlled in buying. Ever since moving into the new apartment, I haven't bought a single ball/skein/hank of yarn. ;)

7. I started knitting lever style (I knew of this term from joy) and has always been comfortable with this. Until I started reading knitting blogs, that was the only way of knitting to me.

8. I only have one Yarn Harlot's book ... the first one ... and I have only read a few pages of it. Sorry, it's just not my cup of tea.

9. I have a knitting spool but have yet managed to use it successfully. Maybe it's just because I haven't tried hard enough.

10. "Knitters are the most generous / kind / (any adjective indicating good quality in a person) people." I am not sure if I said this before. If I did, I will never say that again. I have seen enough to know not to judge a person just from the fact that he / she is a knitter. If someone is nice, it's because it's the way he / she is, not because he / she is a knitter. I hope you don't find this too negative ... I am just being realistic.


Debi said...

Is a kniting spool those I-Cord maker thingies? I never used mine either. I personally don't own any of the knit blogger becomes an author books. I figure if I want to read em, I have their blog address.

Elspeth said...

I totally agree about the Yarn Harlot books. In fact, I only buy books that are pattern driven. If I'm going to read a book, it will probably be a biography or non-fiction book. I don't even read her blog, which at this point is basically just stops on her book tour.

My grandmother crocheted. It was actually my mom that knit, but I learned how to crochet from a class at the library as a kid.

Interesting meme, thanks for writing it!

Jennifer said...

I think you have something with keeping the stash out in the open in order to not buy. I just reorganized mine, and now have no desire to buy yarn.

Mimi said...

I am enjoying to read this meme, it's so interesting to learn how my knititng friends enjoy their hobby.

Nice socks from your previous post! ;)

joy said...

I think I agree with you on having a visible stash, though my husband would freak out if he saw how much I have, all in one place! ;-)

Knitting in a car would make me sick as a dog!

ruth said...

I agree with your last one. People say that knitters are the nicest people in the world - not necessarily. Although I DO have to admit, some knitters ARE really really sweet, but I have met others who are not so friendly =(

opportunityknits said...

This is so interesting. I must try the no 6 yarn diet. It pronbably work because sometimes I forget what yarn I have in the stash!

Dipsy D. said...

Thanks for sharing this meme - it's always so interesting reading through other knitters' and friends' answers! And I found a lot of similarities - just to pick #4 - I've been wondering about that too since ages ;)

Siow Chin said...

Nobody in my family knits, I guess it's too hot to knit in Singapore. My mum sews and has a go with crochet in the 70s. I thought I'm the only one that haven't read any of Harlot's books, I'll give them a try though later.

Laura.Y said...

I find myself nodding to some of the things you wrote here, and now i've just learnt what is lever style from u. :)

alltangledup said...

I don't knit in the car either(the husband thinks that it's dangerous).

I lever too.

When I was 18, I had a crochet bikini (store bought) and I only used it for sun bathing. YOu have to really fill it out properly or it'll sag like crazy if if got wet.

Knitting in public is a funny thing. I find a cold stare tends to disuads most people from idle chit-chat. Although with me, it's a personal thing, i.e. I have little freetime so I try to maximise it where possible.

thanks for sharing your knitting meme, very informative