Monday, September 25, 2006

Sometimes I don't understand myself

Most of the time, I am very forgiving with mistakes and imperfections in both patterns and my own knitting ... especially when it is the time when an FO is in sight. But then all of a sudden, I found myself just wanting to get everything as perfect as I can.

So, the Trellis Scarf was first finished last Friday. I just couldn't bring myself to bind off according to the instructions. Why?
Do you think they match? What I left undone was the bind off row. The beginning edge, as you can see, is obviously pointy. I read some other knitters complaining about this already. One of them knitted the beginning edge again and grafted it to the scarf. I didn't have much confidence in grafting lace, but I wanted a better matched ending edge.

So, I ripped the scarf body to the last row of the pattern, knitted the matching edge and grafted the two together:
Despite the too obvious grafting row, I thought it was better ... but still something caught my eyes. The picture didn't show too well, so I added the red lines. The two ends of the scarf were put side by side. The right side was the beginning and the left the grafted end. The edging lace should form a square with the scarf lace pattern. But the left one didn't. So, more ripping and grafting. The pattern instructions asked me to stop at Row 8. I ripped back to Row 2 and grafted again:
Now, despite the too obvious grafting row, the two ends really match! The scarf is still waiting to be blocked, which will be done tomorrow.

At the same time, I received some goodies.
The Japanese knitting book was given to me by erin in a magazine swap. I haven't knitted from a Japanese pattern yet. I know a little bit Japanese, and with the help from the internet, I think I would be able to do so. There are some lovely patterns:
Thanks a lot, erin.

The beautiful package and card on the right was the result of my being sock lucky. Yay! The socks are here! Allison said that they were probably too big for me (and yes they are), so she wanted to block them to my size, but unfortunately, she had some problem with the plumbing in her home (poor girl!). The socks are indeed a bit big, but the yarns are yummy beautiful and the pattern is lovely:
And they are actually super comfy as house socks ... perfect for running around inside the apartment when the cold weather comes. Thank you very much, Allison.

I am still struggling to catch up with all the unread entries on my Bloglines. You all know how overwhelming it can be if you miss a week's reading! So, bear with me! :D


twig said...

Trellis is lovely. I'm absolutely not a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting -- or anything for that matter.

Those socks are so cute. Lucky woman!

joy said...

Good for you for 'fixing' Trellis. ;-) Sometimes, it just depends on the mood I'm in whether to fudge with the pattern...

The Japanese patterns look quite nice; I'm going to check them out at the bookstore when I get a chance. :-)

Mimi said...

I think the grafting line can be minimized after a good blocking.

I just got new yarn to knit that design ( top right) from Keito. You'll enjoy to knit with charts as you can "see" the details of the pattern.

Toni said...

I agree with Mimi that blocking will help with the grafting line. Looking good!

Debi said...

Love the Trellis the color is lovely!

Those socks are way cute and the japanese pattern in the upper right corner is a wow!

ruth said...

I agree that after some blocking, the grafting line shouldn't be a problem. And you have such patience for that! I was too lazy to fix the different looking borders. =)
P.S. Do you ever shop at Kinokuniya? There isn't one up here, but I have yet to visit the one on Saratoga Ave =)

opportunityknits said...

You did such a job job of getting your Trellis ends to match. And I like the patterns that you posted too.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting how you worked the Trellis borders! Was wondering how the grafting option would turn out. I think I'll attempt that too.

Jeanne said...

Trellis is beautiful! Thanks for posting how you worked the end - I want to make this pattern, so its a good reference for me.

Mary said...

Thanks for posting how you handled the BO edge. That's where I am now. Already tinked back to row 8 and tried to fix the ending border. Thought about knitting the border and grafting, too, so thanks for the Row 2 hint. Can't believe the IK testers let this slip through. Seems like a major botch in testing or design.

Thanks again!