Sunday, September 17, 2006

Driving by blogging post

This is going to be a photoless post. Husband has taken his mother for a drive in the 2-seater car, so I can have some time for a post. ;)

Some good news and some bad news during the last week, all not knitting-related. We got the very sudden news that our favourite restaurant would be closing down before the end of September. Their website doesn't show that news yet. We were happy that we got to eat there at least once before its end ... and the halibut cheeks with ratatouille was such a delight. And that's what made us feel even sadder! :(

The good news? We discovered a new good restaurant last night ... just about 5 minutes from home. There are quite a lot of dishes on their menu I am eager to try.

It's always a hactic time when my mother-in-law visits, but I still found the time to finish one Pomatomus sock. I have started the second already. Hopefully, I can finish the pair soon.

For now, that about it. Regular blog-reading would resume next week, I hope. :D


Jennifer said...

It's a bummer when good restaurants close their doors. Glad you found another one though!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Bummer about Brigitte's, but I am hoping that Piatti's expands further and comes to New England. The menus look scrumptious!

Siow Chin said...

I remember your mil's visit the last time round. Are you knitting her something this time?

Debi said...

Never had any fish cheeks but I'll have to try some soon :)

At least you found a good sub, do they have fish cheeks too? :)

Dude, today's my birthday! Sure wish we could share an artichoke and sausage pizza!

Cookie said...

I hadn't realized until recently that I'm in a total restaurant slump. We haven't been anywhere new and good in ages! I may have to check out Piatti's.

Liz said...

I hope you are staying sane with your Mother in law's visit. My in-laws just left after a whirlwind 2 week visit. :)

Ah, it's always sad when a good place closes its doors. Glad you found a great new one though!