Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shell Tank

The heat wave continues ... and will be so well into next week. I did spend 2 afternoons in the gym and went back to the library once without any parking lot incident. Right now I am just worried about the autocross on the coming Saturday with this intense heat ...

Anyway, I have FO to show - Shell Tank. You can read about my comments on this pattern later. But first, if you have a copy of Knitting Nature, just a heads up ... there is an errata page on the KAL blog. Make sure you check for the patterns you intend to make. I knew about it after finishing ... but luckily those are minor mistakes with Shell Tank. However, there are also some mistakes with its cable chart ... but again, you would be able to spot them easily. Just wondering ... why didn't they do a better job at editing? I mean, if they get a test knitter for each pattern, I'm quite sure most of the mistakes would then be spotted. What happened now is that the readers themselves do the test knitting! This just makes me appreciate a lot more designs that carry little or no mistake at all.

Pattern: Shell Tank designed by Norah Gaughan from Knitting Nature
I knitted the small size with no modification at all due to the special construction of the various pieces. At first I was afraid it would be too short ... but it turned out to be acceptable. This has been a fun knit without too much stress. I found that the front neckline of mine seems to be lower than the one from the book ... this may be the result of a difference in row gauges. Then I discovered that if I pulled the tank towards the back a bit, it would just be the same.
Besides the interesting structure, I also love Gaughan's use of reverse stocking stitch for the neckband and armhole bands. It is actually very cleverly used and blends well with the overall pattern. I wore this today and love it. The pattern combined with the colour makes me feel young! ;) One word of caution if you want to make this. If you want a close-fitting, body-flattering wear, choose something else. It's obvious, no?
I would love to knit another of the patterns from the book ... just don't know which one. Since it's summer time, I naturally checked the sleeveless tanks first. There have been some Roundabout Leaf Tank popping up here and there lately. However, every time I saw the tank, I couldn't help having images of Egyptian mummies in my mind! :D I think I need to get over this before I can pick up that pattern.

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease Col: 156 Mint 3 balls with extra for one armhole band
I feel I have to make this announcement again: I LOVE COTTON EASE! And Mint is the most beautiful colour of the line, I think. The Leftovers Tank is smaller in measurements, but this Shell Tank is a lot lighter on the body and thus is very comfortable to wear. Really, I love some good use of acrylic!
Yes, I know Cotton Ease is long discontinued. But don't be sad because there are some other similar yarns. Nothing would really be the end of the world!

Gauge and Needles: 21sts to 4" using US5 (Denise Interchange)

Start Date: 07-08-2006
Finish Date: 07-19-2006


alltangledup said...

they discontinued that yarn before I even tried it! I think that it is really sad to see cotton ease go because it was one of the nicer Lion BRands. The shell looks lovely but in the heat and very brave of you to put it on in this heat!

Siow Chin said...

It looks great! And sizing is an issue why I haven't attempted any designs from this book although there are some really cool ones.

opportunityknits said...

Mint is a pretty colour. It fits very well - fitted armholes, yet with lots of ease all around. Lovely details, the neckline, the asymetrical shape plus the ribbing at the hem so that the tank does not flare.

Bron said...

That's lovely! A really excellent job with the pattern. The mint color really shows it off. :)

Debi said...

Well done Agnes! It looks so cute on you!! Very lovely and looks cool and comfy!

I wonder, are the patterns in the book sized for us fluffy girls? I'd love to make this tank but with all the odd shaping I'm not interested in resizing!

Also, Rowan's All Season Cotton is a good, albeit pricey sub for cottonease and GGH Samoa too (which is much cheaper!)

Laura said...

It's beautiful! Now that I see it on you, I think I like that pattern the best from the book.

An Cotton Ease! I've never knit with it but touched some the other week. I can't believe they discontinued it!

Jennifer said...

Lovely! It looks fab on you. I'm annoyed about C-E too, although I thought many of their colors were a bit "kid-friendly."

joy said...

That color looks good on you; we could all use a bit of 'young'. ;-)
I've been hesitant in starting something from that book; will have to take some time to do the math for shaping and things.

twig said...

Love it! The color looks great with your skin tone.

I never got the chance to use Cotton Ease, but it seems that LB only discontinues the good stuff (I love their magic stripes yarn) and keeps the fun fur.

grumperina said...

Simply lovely! Enjoy wearing it!

Toni said...

Very cool shaping--you did a great job!

Rebekah said...

I'll be knitting Nick one of the male sweaters in that book, he likes several of them with some slight modifications.

Your tank looks better then the one in the book, it's much more attractive, in my opinion anyway.

Hope it cools down for all of us soon.

hege said...

It looks great! A beautiful (and cool) color and it looks great on you! The asymmetry looks very cute, especially on the neckline. The complicated shaping was all worth it! I like the the fact that the yarn is lightweight as well. Doesn't it seem like every time you discover a favorite yarn it gets discontinued! Have a great weekend, stay cool :)

Jason said...

That is a really interesting tank top! And it looks great on you.

I also bought this book. Would you say that there are a lot of errors in the patterns? There are lots of lovely patterns in there.

You are speeding through your projects, Agnes! :-)

Dipsy said...

Wow, this tank is amazing, I think this must be one of the most beautiful ones I've seen in a long time - not exaggerating here! That color suits you perfectly too, and I do like the fact that it's not so tightly fitting as tanks usually are, but a bit wider and thus very comfy as it seems! Fantastic job you did with it!

Heather said...

looks fabulous!

I really like the color...cotton ease...I'm glad you posted some alternates!