Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Parking Lot Embarrassment

With this close-to-3-digit temperature sans air conditioning, it is really difficult to stay in the apartment from 3 to 6 in the afternoon. The best place to spend the time is the library. I am sure lots of other people in the same situation think in the same way ... at least for yesterday. This was why it was so hard to find a parking spot there. Finally I spotted one ... one that under normal circumstances I would not take because I really suck at maneuvering a car (the 2 accidents I have had all happened in parking lot!). Somehow I got into the spot ... but a tiny voice inside told me that I would be in trouble later. It was right. I couldn't get the car out of the spot even after adding scratches to the rear end on the driver's side by touching the concrete pillar right next. Luckily, a good samaritan saw my embarrassing state ... and helped guide me out!

Husband said I should feel happy because I didn't add scratches to other people's cars. But he agreed that I sucked ... and maybe we should find a large empty parking lot to practise my skills. Well, that would be later. But last night I just couldn't get over the whole incident so quickly ... and so I didn't post even though I made some knitting progress.

If I were a superstitious person, I would consider this as a premonition:
It happened yesterday morning when I was knitting the last ribbing of the Shell Tank. This is also the first confirmed needle casualty here. Other unconfirmed ones are mostly missing needles tucked somewhere inside the apartment. Is it true that the Denise people would replace it for me?

The Shell Tank. All pieces are now done:

There will be serious finishing going on these few days. One note about the right front piece. Though it is in plain stocking stitch, the knitting was not boring at all. Actually, because the left and right sides were increasing at the same time on DIFFERENT rates, I need to be really alert. To avoid the problem of losing track, I wrote out what should be done to the left/right sides for each row:

I have to say this helped A LOT!

And the forecast for this afternoon ... pretty much the same as yesterday. But I think I would go to the gym instead (there is no concrete pillar in the gym parking lot ... hahaha ...) ... no more library parking embarrassment!


twig said...

Oh the library is a good idea. The problem is do I want to walk the 10 blocks to get there (mostly in the shade) or deal with the car? Or just sit here and whine about the heat. It's been in the high 90s here with lots of humidity and no air conditioning here, either.

Rebekah said...

Oh it would be miserable in this heat without air conditioning, the library would be perfect.

As far as parking, I don't think your alone, I know a lot of people that couldn't parallel park, or even just park without hitting something, a few scartches isn't a big deal.

Your shell is adorable.

Bron said...

Yes, it's true, they replace needles, no questions asked.

I can't wait to see the finished shell - the color is lovely!

claudia said...

Unless you've hit a house with a car, I beat you for car-related embarassment.


joy said...

All my accidents have happened in the parking lot too! I always end up parking far away from the entrance just to avoid the chance that I'll scrape another car! ;-)

opportunityknits said...

I also write down the increases row by row and that helps me especially if I'm stopping midway. Our car has one of those beeping devices when it's in reverse gear and initially it made me nervous, but now I find it quite useful.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, I hear you with your parking problems - same over here! Sometimes I seriously wonder how in the world we can manage to get INTO a parking space, but can't for the life of us get out anymore!
Your top is so gorgeous already - the color is absolutely lovely - can't wait to see it all finished in all its glory!

Siow Chin said...

I can't even drive but I can tell you about the incidents of my husband. He got stuck between pillars in our own parking lot and had to ask for help from another driver parking his car :) And he spent over 15 minutes to parallel park along Lockhart Road the other time, the sales people in the shops were so curious, they had to stand there and watch.

Debi said...

This tank is so lovely, I can't wait to see it finished!

I can't imagine this heat without AC!! Go find a nice cold movie theater to hang in at least til the sun goes down!

Alison said...

Poor thing! I'm barely surviving the heat with the air conditioning! (It just barely gets enough humidity out of the air.)

The tank looks great. I write out right/left pattern decreases, too. It really does help.

Jennifer said...

The tank looks fantastic! Writing out increases and decreases does help a lot.

I'm not that great in parking lots either.

Annie said...

One of my Denise cords snapped in exactly the same place. I emailed them and they sent a replacement straight away - it took less than a week to arrive here in the UK