Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back home

Hello all! I finally have the time and means to post! We spent the last two nights in the hotel and thus were finally able to get some good sleep. This was especially important for Husband since he had to go back to work yesterday. The forecast said that it was beginning to cool off, so we checked out this morning. But the temperature (according to the car thermometer) was still 100F at 3:30 p.m. Now I seriously look forward to weekend ... not just because it's weekend, but that it would be significantly cooler! Yet, I consider myself amongst the lucky lot ... not just because I could enjoy some coolness in the hotel, but also our home didn't suffer an outage.

It was just interesting that while I had dreaded the autocross on Saturday all along, it turned out to be a real blessing. It took place in a coastal city, so even with the record-breaking temperature, we were blessed with fresh see breezes the whole day. It was not until we drove back to the inland valley late afternoon that we realized the heat wave was so serious. On Saturday night, the temperature didn't cool down to the 80s until midnight!

Basically, I don't have much to show you - things started are not yet finished ... and I didn't really get to knit until last night. But I'd like to know what you think about this:
Now I know those spinners among you would be able to spot the trace of an amateur here. Yes, this is my first practice of handspun yarns using a top whorl spindle. I was just playing around with the practice batch in the Hello Yarn kit. It took me quite a while to know what I was doing ... but the library copy of Spin It has been very helpful. This yarn is still wound on the spindle and I haven't done the washing and drying processes yet. Since there is not much, I don't think I need a niddy noddy yet. Besides, I am not sure if I would like spinning that much.

Besides Spin It, I also checked out this book from the library:
The other day Husband saw it and said, "Don't tell me this is going to appear in our apartment soon!" You should all see the expression on his face! :D Being the good wife, of course I immediately assured him that no, I am not going to get a spinning wheel. And I mean it. :)


twig said...

Glad it's finally cooling down for you. Your temperatures were just insane.

I'm not a spinner (yet) but I think your yarn looks good.

Becky said...

oooh! What kind of spinning wheel do you think you'll get?

Dipsy said...

Gosh, what a great idea it was to head for a hotel and enjoy some good - and cool - nights sleep! Your temps even made it to the news over here - it must have been so insane! I have to add though, being in the 80s around midnight is something we haven't experienced here for weeks, it's always up in the 90s till after midnight, and gosh, I hate that, it's impossible to sleep!
I haven't tried my hands at spinning yet, so I'm of no help in that case - but I think your first try does look good indeed!

Jason said...

Isn't this heat crazy? I haven't done anything fiber related for two days! I am sweating just sitting in front of the computer. LOL

Your first try at spindle spinning looks wonderful! Believe me. I just went through spinning class, and yours looks pretty good. :-) Love the colors too.

If you are serious about a spinning wheel. Most people at the guild own a Lendrum Upright Portable. Lots of praises. You should probably find one and give it a test spin in a store when you look for wheels. Wheel spinning is A LOT easier than spindle. :-)

Spinneret said...

Ah, ha, ha,ha, ha. Becky nailed it!
Your yarn looks wonderful. Nice choice of fiber, too. That must be fun to watch work it's way through your fingers.
The folding Lendrum is nice. I co-opt one from a friend from time to time. "Of course, I don't have room for a wheel of my own" is the spinners equivalent of "I can quit any time I want to".

Check out a guild meeting, folks are usually pretty generous with the test drive offers. And the Spinners Housecleaning pages http://homepages.together.net/~kbruce/kbbspin.html.