Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Socks and a little gift

Almost ready! The socks are still a little bit damp on the blocking towel. In the meantime, I whipped up an extra small gift for the sock pal in waiting. This is my favourite crochet (::grasp:: the dark side! :D ) pattern - simple, fast, easy and with impressive result:
I made one last year which is really long ... long enough for a very large hardcover book. A few weeks ago, I made another shorter one for paperback novels. This one I made for the sock pal is good enough for sock pattern books like Knitting Vintage Socks and Knitting On the Road. I chose the red beads to go with the socks:

Pattern and Modifications: John's Anniversox (I couldn't find the name of the person putting up this pattern)
Since my gauge is smaller than that of the pattern, I needed to cast on more stitches (76 sts) to accomodate for the recipient's size. Instead of the twist stitch cable, I used the mock wave cable from B. Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (p.115) on the foot.

Yarns: KnitPicks Sock Garden (2 skeins) Col: 23468 Star Gazer Lily
KnitPicks has slimlined their sock yarn lines and many colourways of Sock Garden, Sock Landscape and Sock Memory have been discontinued. I got a bunch of these colourways when they were still available ... but have yet to knit them. I really like Sock Garden ... very soft and pleasant to work with, though tends to be a bit splitty. Considering the good price, I think the quality is good. The colourway I chose is a very delightful one ... it kept me in a cheerful mood while working on the socks!

Gauge and Needles: 10 sts per inch using US1.5

Start Date: 06-07-2006
Finish Date: 06-12-2006

Now that the socks are done, my knitting would return to the Leftovers Tank. I am still undecided about the neckline - a choice between crew neck or V-neck. It seems crew neck would be simpler ... but I think a shallow V-neck would be cute.

A quick recap of the past weekend: I didn't do any KIP on Saturday! (Oops!) Instead, Husband and I went to a gathering of car enthusiasts and we met:
1. a bunch of rich people (definition of 'rich people' - those who drove there in a Ferrari or Limborghini)
2. a small bunch of snobbish rich people (definition of 'snobbish rich people' - those who were unhappy that morning because there were too many Porsche and Lotus in the gathering; they prefer it to be purely Ferrari and Limborghini ... Duh!)
3. a couple of rich good-looking-not-like-real-but-from-movies people. Then I realized I really don't regard those good-looking people in movies as real flesh and blood ... my fault! LOL!
That was an interesting morning!


twig said...

Oh I love that bookmark idea. I have a gazillion crochet hooks in every imaginable size -- somewhere. I looked for them last February (2005) and when I couldn't find them, I decided to learn how to knit. Hmmm... maybe I should look again. I fear they're in a box in the basement and there are mice down there!

Love the socks. I bookmarked the page -- will make a good Hannukah gift for the hubby.

twig said...

heheheh I love that the time on the comments are pacific time. It gives the illusion that I'm not a slot and I actually wake up early.

Ruth said...

what a terrific idea for a bookmark! i too, have succumbed to the "dark" side as well. last time i was at communknity, i picked up a set of steel crochet hooks. now i can finally use it! =) and your socks look terrific!! i must say, you knit pretty fast. using #1.5 needles, and finishing in less than a week - pretty good! =)

opportunityknits said...

The bookmarker is such a good idea of somthing to add for your sock pal. And I had a good laugh when I read the part about the good looking movie people not being real!

Dipsy said...

Wow, I love your socks, they look great! And the idea for the bookmark is amazing, it looks so cool - certainly something I'd love to try my hands at one day too!

Debi said...

I love the socks Agnes! I wonder why Knitpicks is discontinuing all their lovely sock yarn?

I love the bookmark! You're so crafty!

To answer your question, I plan to use the laceweight linen as a single strand BUT it's not a true laceweight, it's more of a fingering :) You should try some!

Mimi said...

Your sock pal will be so happy to receive the lovely socks and the extra book marker! Thanks for the link, looks like i can follow the instructions! ;)

Zippianna said...

Agnes, that is a sweet pair of socks and the cutest little bookmark. I crochet, too, so must make some for the family readers.

Crochet, the secret addiction of knittiers. Buhahahaha!