Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Agnes, did you feel it?"

That was what Husband asked when he woke me up this morning at around 5:24 a.m. The next minute, he already went out to the living room and logged on to USGS Latest Quakes page. It turned out to be a 4.7 earthquake with the center 28 miles south of us. According to the news report, since the quake was only 2 miles down the earth, the shakings were felt by quite a lot of people ... AND I SLEPT THROUGH IT without feeling a slightest thing!

On the knitting front, I've been moving along like the Slowskys*! Just managed to knit a couple of rounds on the Leftovers Tank on Tuesday night. Last night was being distracted by some apartment hunting research (and that would be another story!). Any moment soon I'll be at the armhole split. Lucky for me, Lauren at almost felted posted about her method of shaping the armholes for sleeveless shell ... that seems to be working out very well, so I'll try it. If it doesn't work for me, I would beg the help from the very kind Debi (she has the Sweater Wizard ... which I have been thinking of getting but not sure if it is really useful since I am mostly a follow-a-pattern type knitter! ;))

After much thought, I have to agree with hege (go check out the Norwegian sweater she is working on! I have that book and love all the colourworks!) that crew neckline is not necessarily the simpler way; so I'll do what I like more ... V-neck! Yay! Besides, in order to avoid knitting the armhole bands and neck band, I'll experiment with the much appraised Annie Modesitt's double knit slipped stitch edge. That's about it with my plan for this project. I hope it would be done in another 2 weeks.

Weekend is just around the corner! The forecast says the coming weekend is going to be warm and sunny ... that's enough to keep one's spirit up, people! :)

*For those of you who are not in the US, the Slowskys, featured in an internet company's tv commercials, have become quite a pair of celebrities now. They even have their own blog! Go and watch them on tv! I love them (but not the slower DSL)!


twig said...

When we lived in the Philippines, there was a .5 earthquake (yep, only a .5) Scared the living bejeezums out of me. You'd have to scrape me off the ceiling for a 4.5.

Siow Chin said...

I've experienced an earthquake while in New Delhi, it occurred in the mountains at 6+ magnitude and could still be felt so distinctly where we were. We were shaken awake and had to run down the hotel. Scary. After returning to HK, I still kept imagining feeling earthquakes and even called up the meterological centres to ask if there were earthquakes in Taiwan there were felt here. I must have sounded so silly back then. You take good care!

Dipsy D. said...

Your plans and modifications for the tank sound very interesting, I'm quite curious to see how it all turns out. A V-neck is certainly a great choice!
Lucky you for sleeping through the earthquake I'd say, it would have been so scary actually experiencing it, no matter how light - or not-so-light - it's been!

Laura said...

I know people in CA think I'm weird, but I'd like to be in an earthquake just to feel it.

I've never heard of Annie Modesitt's slip-stitch edge. Is it explain in the Knitting Heretic book?

Rebekah said...

Hmmm, I think if I lived in California, I'd have that page bookmarked too.

The closest I've ever been to feeling an earthquake was 19 years ago. There was one on June 10 on the NEw Madres fault line in Missouri. We felt it in Iowa, well they say we did, I didn't really feel it but remember it beause it was the day my oldest nephew was born.

Ruth said...

this is going to sound REALLY weird (coming from a bay area native)... but, i sort of miss the earthquakes. here, we have funnel clouds and flood warnings and the like. =P

Debi said...

Everytime I visit my Bro in SF I hope for a lil earthquake! I don't want anyone hurt but I wanna FEEL one!

Sweater Wizard is GREAT even for a pattern following girl cause you just plug in the design elemants you want a click-a pattern! Go to the website and try it out!

Zippianna said...

I live in California and have the link on my blog, just in case the web still up after the Big One. They are fun if they don't hurt anyone.