Friday, May 05, 2006

What next?

Wow! Thank you so very much for all the lovely comments you left on the stole. I enjoyed reading each and every one of them! For me, one of the reasons I love people leaving comments is that through them I get to discover blogs of new friends ... which would eventually go into my Bloglines subscription. ;)

After the Sampler Stole, I have been rather aimless and sans focus these days. It is always like this after the completion of an important project. It seems I have a lot of projects I'd like to start ... but exactly, which one do I really want? Pattern books were spread on the floor ... yarns were taken out and being swatched ... and still I haven't made up my mind yet. This is why I am always amazed at Bron's prolific knitting and crocheting productivity. She always has several projects on hand ... which she is able to finish in lightning speed. Not only this, she seems to have an endless stream of inspirations for what to make. She doesn't only talk about these ideas ... she really gets her hand on them. Simply amazing! And how I envy you, Bron! ;)

Well, this is not to say that I have nothing on the needles. When I lose my focus, the best thing to do is to work on a pair of socks. I actually started this in early April:
It is time to start knitting some cotton socks for summer. A perfect pattern for cotton (inelastic) sock yarns came knocking on my door ... if you don't know it yet, go over to Debi's place and get the pattern (Lizzy's Lacy Rib Socks). I am using a 75% cotton 25% nylon yarn (Fortissima Cotton Colori) and the lacy rib pattern gives the leg a lot of elasticity ... which is just awesome! Unlike Fixation, this is a fingering sock yarn which gives a much thinner sock.

While going through the stash for ideas, I found these:
Recognize the colours? Yes, these are the leftovers from Old Tiles! I am not sure if it was my problem or the pattern's problem, I have 3 whole balls plus lots of partial balls of Cotton Glace left! I like this cotton yarn ... so I think I should do something with them. I don't think there is enough to make a Peppermint Twist (Stitch 'n Bitch) ... but what about a sport weight Leftovers made as a tank top? Sounds good.


Rebekah said...

Oh I think the leftovers top is a great idea, all those colors would be great as a summery top.

Dipsy said...

I feel the same like you after finishing an important, bigger project - I'm always at a loss for ideas on what to try next for a while. But just for a while, after a couple hours spent with patterns and swatches the ideas start jumping in - and so it's obviously been with you! Socks are always a great thing in between, and I love the ones you're doing. And oh, that yarn you showed is heavenly, such gorgeous colors - looking forward to see what you're gonna make with it!

Debi said...

The socks look awesome Agnes!! Thanks so much for being my test knitter!! Do you know I've gotten almost 1000 hits since I posted the pattern (and 26 *measly* comments!!) doesn't hurt that wendy gave them the wendy knits seal of approval :)

Can't wait to see your Leftovers tank, I love using up those little bits of stash like that!

Have a wonderful weekend Hunny!

erin said...

it will be lovely I'm sure!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Great ideas to make the Leftovers tank. Now I am getting motivated in using up my leftover yarn!

Mimi said...

Agnes, I go through the same process of bringing my patterns books and yarns out for new projects. Just the books are getting really heavy as the collection grows... :D
Great idea for the leftovers, need to do some with mine as well.

hege said...

I go through the same thing, you need a little downtime after working so intensely on a big project.
I LOVE the Cotton Glace colors! They look good enough to eat :) Can't wait to see what you do with them.

JoanM said...

I just love your lace shawl I have just ordered that book and can't wait to get it.

Jennifer said...

The leftovers will make a fabu summer tank!

I'll have to check that pattern out. I want to knit some cotton socks next.

Siow Chin said...

I've been thinking about leftovers too. The orange cotton cardigan back that I'm knitting for my daughter took just over 1 ball of yarn and I foresee I would have half of what I bought leftover! Here are some of my ideas: 1) another rainbow cardi for my little daughter, 2) stripey cushion cover, 3) stripey baby blanket, 4) log cabin a la Masondixon or 5) the Moderne baby blanket also from MDK or maybe even 6) mitre squares?