Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Random Monday ... uh, Tuesday

Long weekend is disorientating to my sense of time ... especially when the weekend started when it was Thursday evening! As of this moment, I am still wondering if it is Monday or Tuesday.
Since I like how the garter stitch background of the Sampler Stole worked out, I started Birch in the garter stitch version. After 4 pattern repeats, I finally decided that garter stitch just didn't make the pattern 'pop'. So I frogged and started again. Therefore, now I can tell you that Feza Kid Mohair is a lot easier to frog than Rowan KSH. :)
Which one of these two do you like better?
What is that, you may ask. Do you really want to know? Lookie here then.
This is a serious problem ... I think if I want to get anything else done, I had better stop casting on for socks! LOL!
I need more inspirations for easy fast meals ... and I found this beautiful book from the library. I already tried one recipe (steak with balsamic mushroom sauce) from it which could be considered a success.
Can you believe it? I am on the 59th day of my Yarn Focus Challenge already! Almost 2 months ... just buying yarns on one day each month ... and I actually don't really lack yarns to work on my projects! I have been knitting socks non-stop and there isn't even a significant dent in my sock yarn stash! So what does that say?
Rebekah is organizing a charity drive (named after her lovely birdie Basil and doggie Abner) for animals. If you want to help, follow the link and you can read about the details. And ... there are prizes! Specifically, knitting book and yarns! So, go!
I can't understand how Husband can manage to finish reading Da Vinci Code and the paperback is still looking as if it were just bought from the bookstore! He took a look at the copy of Deception Point I just finished and asked if it was a library copy ... and it is NOT! :x


Rebekah said...

Hmmm, I like the first picture best.

Another bonus, Feza is typically cheaper then KSH.

Your doing so great on your YFC, I'm doing pretty good too, if I can only make it to June. I have to place the order for some of the yarn prizes in the charity drive.

Thanks for mentioning our drive! We really appreciate it.

Jennifer said...

I like the first picture.

You're doing so well with the YFC! I had to restart my ticker yesterday. 58 days for me is pretty good I think.

Natalie said...

I think I like the first picture slightly better too. But they are both very pretty!

Debi said...

They are both lovely but I kinda like #2! I gotta be different :)

I'm doing good on the YFC too....I'm gonna try to keep it up even past June!

erin said...

The first one on the left - I like the symmetry. I'm all for easy fast meals too, if only my kids would eat salads :)

twig said...

You'll have the best dressed feet in all of California!

Jeanne said...

I can't choose - both are really nice. Love the socks - what yarn is that? You are doing great on your YFC. Its fun to knit from the stash, isn't it?

Jenifer said...

Hey Agnes -- wow, what socks! I really need to get on the sock-making thing. I don't know why I suffer from SSS but I'm thinking that maybe toe up two at a time will help me ... yours look great! And re: the job: yes, it'll be for next fall, and I'll be creating a curriculum called "Spanish in the workplace" for the alternative high school side of our local district's tech school -- so all the kids who are going into construction, landscaping, hair, restaurant, etc., and it'll be completely without the pressure of testing, preparing kids for level 5 (like they all get there!), etc. Very exciting! Take care -- J

Mimi said...

Both swatches look nice. But if you are knitting for sock band's purpose, I think the first one will give you a neater look.

Siow Chin said...

The first one looks nice. Is it socks that rock?

Becky said...

It's hard to choose, but I'll go with the first picture. Very nice!

Dipsy D. said...

Hm - I like pic #2 best! You seem to be hit by the sock bug too - I'm here with you, can't seem to stop casting on for socks! I'm also wondering if this is going to be the sock that rocks?