Monday, May 08, 2006

New socks! New socks!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was not too bad except for the dinner last night. We went to try a restaurant new to us and I can tell you we are not ever going back! LOL! For Husband, eating is 10% for survival and 90% for pleasure. So, when the dish was really not good to his taste, he just left almost the whole thing intact. I felt a little bit sorry for the chef ... but again, honestly, the food there was indeed not really up to par.

I was quite productive during the weekend. Since I was still undecided on what to make next, I pretty much spent the weekend working on the 8.5-stitch sweater, which I ignored in the last few weeks ... regardless of the pledge of 2" a week! ;) Now I am 2" away from armhole shaping ... woo hoo! When there is a significant change in the shape of the rectangular piece I'm knitting, I'll show you picture of it.

The Mason-Dixon washcloth sparked my interest in knitting dishcloth ... so much that I joined the Yahoo! Group. Every month, there is a knitalong in which pattern for a dishcloth is offered over a few days. I started working on the May KAL ... and here it is:
Cute, isn't it?

Then I have new summer socks! The Lizzy's Lacy Rib Socks are finished ... actually, I worn them on Saturday and now have to figure out if the yarns are machine washable.

Pattern: Lizzy's Lacy Rib Socks by Debi who kindly offers it for free
Even with the high cotton content of my yarns, the legs of the socks stay clinging to my legs without being saggy. I think this pattern would work even better with wool/cotton blend such as Sockatta. Besides, it works well with both solid and variegated colours. I think mine look good despite the busy colourway.

Yarn: Schoeller Esslinger Fortissima Cotton Colori Col: Water Park
I used 1 ball for each sock with TONS of leftovers! Sooner or later, I'll start a pair of leftover socks. As I said before, this is a fingering weight yarn, so the socks are a lot thinner that those made from Fixation. They are pretty comfortable too. Due to the lack of elasticity of the yarns, I used very small needles to make sure that the socks would be able to last longer. How does the yarn perform with wear and wash? That you have to wait a bit.

Gauge and Needles: 10 sts per inch using US0
One word about the needles ... they are Inox 6" DPNs. I'd have prefer Crystal Palace bamboo needles ... but my main concern is with the really small size, I may break them in no time.

Start Date: 04-11-2006
Finish Date: 05-06-2006

Before I say goodbye, let me show you my new project:
I cast on for my Leftovers Tank last night. I am knitting it in the round and the colour change would be random ... the aim is to use up all the Cotton Glace leftovers. In case I don't have enough, then I'd use the Sonata leftovers from the same project.


joy said...

That's a really cute dishcloth! I've been thinking about making some, but they'll probably take forever to dry in the humid climate we have. :D

I like the colors of your leftovers. Let me know if you don't have enough yarn,I might have some cotton glace leftovers.

Jennifer said...

I love the socks! The leftovers tank is going to be very lovely too.

erin said...

I have the same blue sock yarn, so I really appreciate the warning about lack of elasticity. I'll make sure to do dome ribbing pattern to keep the socks up. And I LOVE the colours going on in your leftovers tank.

Siow Chin said...

Your leftover top is looking very summer-y. Way to go! You know, the dishcloth can actually be converted to afghan squares.

Debi said...

That dishcloth is too pretty to be cleaning anything! Have you tried them in the shower? They foam up nicely, my Bro and SIL swear by them!

Love your socks hunny, I think the pattern looks lovely in that colorway!

Your leftovers tank is gonna be cute!

Becky said...

That leftovers tank is a good idea, and it's going to be COLORFUL. I wish I had some Cotton Glace leftovers, so I could send you some and add to the colorway.

Dipsy D. said...

You've sure been very productive over the weekend, such beautiful socks, and I absolutely love the dishcloths! Lately I've been seeing so many beautiful ones that I got totally inspired to try my hands at them as well, they seem to be such rewarding and satisfying knits! Great work with yours!

hege said...

I love how you are doing the colors in your leftover tank. It looks like you are gradually doing a rainbow, beautiful!

Elspeth said...

Wow, I love them all!

Alison said...

The colorway is wonderful! Great socks.

And your stole is absolutely beautiful!

Rebekah said...

So, so, so, cute. I love the dishcloth, I need to knit some more of those myself as gifts for my aunts. Why is there never enough time in the week?

Cookie said...

Hurray for new socks! Love the dishcloth too.

Mimi said...

Your Leftover is looking great, you are doing a good job with the colors. I also like your dishcloth.

BethC said...

What a neat start to the leftover tank! and I'm so impressed with your Sampler Stole... I see from the Lace Race that you're doing Birch, as am I... any hints for a novice lace knitter?

amanda said...

You've been busy! Your leftovers tank is going to be awesome! I love all those colors.