Friday, April 14, 2006

Simplicity is Beauty

So the logical thing to happen should be to keep the momentum for the Sampler Stole and continue knitting the edging. But life doesn't always go the path of the logical. I received this book early this week and have been itching to start something ... something that I fell in love with when browsing the book in Borders. The best part? I can dig into my stash for the yarns!

There are a lot of lovely projects in this book, but if you are big on wearables, you may have to look somewhere else. The majority of the patterns are practical things for the home ... blankets, rugs, curtain, dishcloths. DISHCLOTHS! That is what I fell in love with ... something so simple and yet so lovely:
This is the photo of the dishcloth in its new glory ... the poor thing is being called to duty almost immediately after the photo shot! :)

Pattern and Modification: Ballband Dishcloth as reprinted in Mason-Dixon Knitting
The book said that this is a classic pattern printed on the ballbands of Peaches & Cream cotton yarns. The stitches are very simple but what you'll get is something that looks sophisticated and lovely ... especially to the non-knitters' eyes! I just added an i-cord loop for ease of hanging.

Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton in Light Blue and Light Yellow
It would be a better idea to get colours like those in the book. Imagine you have to wipe out tomato juice on the counter top? White and light yellow just won't stand new for too long.

Gauge and Needle: US7 ... gauge? I didn't really measure the gauge ... it's just dishcloth afterall ... bigger or smaller in size doesn't really matter, I guess.

Start date: 04-13-2006
Finish date: 04-13-2006

Since it only took a couple of hours to finish, I made another one after dinner:

Pattern and Modification: Mason-Dixon Washcloth designed by Brooks Jones from Mason-Dixon Knitting
This is a fun knit with lots of things to keep your attention - bobbles, eyelets, decreasing ... and knitting in the round! And I did knit this piece while watching TV, so at the end I did shout out, "Day-um, I'm good!" (Turn to page 55 and you'll know what I meant!) I used the US7 DPNs for the first time ... and boy they felt like chopsticks!

Yarn: I'm not sure if it was Lion Cotton or Sugar 'n Cream that I used since the ballband was long lost. But I like the colourway. Actually, it was so beautiful that when I showed it to Husband, he said it shouldn't be used! :D

Gauge and Needle: US7 and unknown gauge

Start date: 04-13-2006
Finish date: 04-13-2006

Conclusion: I LOVE THIS BOOK!


Jennifer said...

I so have to get this book! I love the washcloths!

Rebekah said...

I think everyone is in love with this book, I guess when my LYS gets it in, I'll have to take a look. Maybe as a gift for my sister, she loves dishclothes.

Jason said...

Wow! You are fast! And what a stash you must have! Now I am shamed. I must get back to my afghan squares. Oh, how I would like to finish two squares a day. I wish! :-)

Nice job! I got that book on order too. I added a not yet published book in the list so that they will arrive later. Got enough on my plate here. :-) Did you have a break in the weather department? It started to rain again today down here.

Ruth said...

hmm, i'm going to have to check this book out when i get a chance. =) your dishcloth is so cute - love the spring colors! =) have a wonderful Easter holiday!

candsmom said...

Your dishcloths are so pretty!! I just saw some of these projects on Lolly's site and after seeing your pretty dishcloths knit up, I think I definitely need to get this book! I love the happy spring colors you used- and what a bonus that you were able to use stash yarn, too! Take care and have a wonderful Easter, Agnes! :-)

twig said...

Don't you just love fast, pretty, and useful projects?

Dipsy said...

Oh, I looove these dish-/washcloths! Lately I think I'm more into doing smaller projects, and such beautiful items for the house would be such a satisfying thing to do! Better go hunting for free dishcloth-patterns or even buy that book you mentioned - you certainly inspired me big time!

Debi said...

I soooooo want this book!! No can do right now tho :(

I love knitting washcloths! They're cute, quick and a GREAT way to try out stitch patterns! I knit a bunch for my Bro/Sis-in-law as washcloths and they LOVE em! I don't get why so many people put down wash/dishcloth knitting!

Yours are adorable!!

Have a Happy Easter Agnes!!

amanda said...

Very pretty! You know I've never knit a dish cloth or towel ever. And I see everyone inspired by the book knitting cloths and now I'm thinking I might have to break down and buy the book and some peaches and cream.

Kari said...

Nice dishclothes. I especially liked the second one...the colors are cool and also the pattern looks super fun.

Siow Chin said...

I can't agree with you more on the book, so full of inspirations!

Juls said...

I really enjoyed the book too and preferred the emphasis on knits for the home since there are only so many sweaters you can wear in California weather!

hege said...

What a coincidence, I just spent a lot of time reading this book, and decided I need to get it! I think it's great. I love all the cool practical projects.