Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sock Experiment (Edited)

[Edited to add: Files of my blog were unfortunately located at a bad filer of Blogger, therefore it has not been available for viewing since last night (03-16-2006). I hope everything is going to work fine now. ]

Husband has Princess legs ... what I mean is his physical senses are much more (a lot, actually!) delicate and sharper than mine. Because of this, even though I already used 2 needles and the German twisted cast on method for his socks, still he said the cast on row was tight, so much that he could feel it on his legs. Therefore I need to find a solution.

Since he has no such complaint against commercial socks, I figure I need to look into them. Elastic thread. These are what I can find in the market:
The Stretch-Rite elastic sewing threads (in bobbins) can be found in stores like Jo-Ann and Hancock Fabrics. Only two colours are available. The Rainbow Elastic Thread was found in one of my LYSs. There is a wide range of colours available on special order. The Stretch-Rite is made of polyster while the Rainbow cotton, therefore, the latter feels much softer. However, the lady from the LYS thought that the Rainbow may not be able to stand much wear and wash ... which I agree. So, I proceeded with the Stretch-Rite threads.

I used the elastic thread to cast on on 2 needles, then divided the stitches on 4 needles and continued knitting using ordinary sock yarn. This is the knitted experiment swatch, unstretched:
Here you can see how much the swatch can stretch with ease:
But how does it feel on Husband's leg? This is the best part. I put this on his leg last night for 20 minutes. His comment was he didn't feel the cast on row as before.

Yeah, it is not as good to look at as using the sock yarn, but in this case, comfort wins over aesthetic consideration.


Cookie said...

I actually think it makes a nice looking trim when stretched out. Good idea!

KatieLiz said...

Hello, I've been reading your blog for awile and thought I'd finally comment. :-) Have you tried casting on with 2 strands of yarn, then dropping one when you start knitting your sock? That will usually give you a more comfortable cast on row with a bit more give and you don't have to worry about contrasting colors. Hope that helps, and that I'm not telling you something you already know. ~ Katie

twig said...

YOU'RE BACK! I was missing my Agnes Fix.

Kathy said...

Another thing you can do IF you knit him another pair of socks, is use a really dark color and knit the elastic right in with the yarn. I did this for my sister's fingerless gloves to be sure they had some memory and it worked well.

candsmom said...

I knew there must've been something wrong with Bloglines and/or Blogger! I hadn't seen your blog light up in bold for a while, and I knew you must've posted, so I'm glad I checked! Thanks for the info on the elastic thread. I've heard of people using that, but I had never seen how it would actually look or how you would go about doing it. It looks good and if it wins the husband's seal of approval, then it's definitely worth the effort. Take care and have a great weekend, Agnes! :-)

joy said...

The elastic is a great idea. No one's going to see the cuff anyway!

Debi said...

We missed you in your absence Auntie Agnes!!

I have a perfect solution for you....TUBULAR CAST ON!!! incredibly stretchy and hubster wont feel a thing (cause there IS no cast on to feel!)

Here's a few resources I found, you can google for more (and I'll help too if you need me!) It's a bit tricky in the round but lovely and well worth the bother!

Mimi said...

That's a great solution!
I was wondering why you didn't post for a while...Glad things are fixed!