Friday, March 10, 2006

If Wednesday can be random (New item added)

I think so can Friday! ;)

I just discovered I would need 3 skeins of LL Shepherd Sock to make the Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern and I only have 2.

I got my copy of Knitting Around yesterday ... and I love it! I love the Moebius Vest, the Pie Are Square Shawl, the Moccasin Socks and the Norwegian Sweaters.

I find that I love reading the "Digressions" sections of the book very much ... and that EZ was a talented painter too. And yes, she was extremely beautiful.

I have all the EZ books except Knitting Without Tears.

Seeing a yarn ball getting more and more hollow in the center gives me enormous satisfaction. That would push me to knitting faster in order to start a new ball.

It's snowing on 1000ft above sea level here ... I haven't heard the word "snow" so much in the local weather forecast before.

Believe it or not, Bloglines picks up my post a lot faster than Newsgator.

How long would you let your finished laundry stand before you fold them? My present record is 2 days.

I am saying hello and wish you all a wonderful weekend from sleeve island. I hope I won't be stranded here for too long!

Ready for some irresistable cuteness? Then click here ... I've never seen so many baby pandas together before! I watched this video clip more than 10 times this morning!


Susan said...

1000ft?? Wheee! I'm at 1100 in Corona! Wheee! Go Snow! I wanna just see it here once in my life.

candsmom said...

Must Have is looking mighty gorgeous!! Hopefully, your visit on Sleeve Island will be short and sweet- why do sleeves always seem to take the longest??! ;-) You're such a speedy knitter; I'm sure you'll have a finished cardi by the end of the weekend! I don't have Knitting Around yet, but I do have Knitting Without Tears- I found it a library sale for less than $2!! The ghetto knitter in me was ecstatic! ;-) Take care and have a fantastic weekend, Agnes! :-)

Rebekah said...

What interesting randomness, have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Hi Agnes
I too have sleeve island and hope I wont be stranded too long. Here in the east we have the same temperatures as you....feels like Spring! Pretty soon the grass will be green and the tulips will be bloomin! Have a great weekend.

Liz said...

Heh, I fold the laundry immediately upon pulling it out of the dryer, but actually putting it away? I've gone a full 6 days, and put it away the night before I do my weekly laundry! :) I mean it's clean... And by the end of the week there is less to put away, right? :)

Debi said...

Hunny, your randomness is more interesting than many other people's structure :)

Can you make the LL work for the sock if you add contrasting/complimentary ribbing, heels and toes?

The Must Have sleeve looks great but why don't you knit both together? Then wen you're done, you're done! I use locking stitch markers to clip the sleeves together in the "right" way so there's no danger of knitting on one more than the other, you have only one way to "turn" your rows!

Those pandas are beyond cute!

Thanks for the compliments on my new socks and crochet! I'm really loving these 2 projects SO MUCH!!

Pumpkin sends many chirrps and purrs to his favorite Auntie!!

blossom said...

fold laundry? what?

your cardi looks really good!!

joy said...

Those pandas...they're just kids in costumes, right? ;)

Mimi said...

I ripped half way of my sleeve this morning! :( Hope yours go smoothly!
Cute pandas, I watched the show on TV yesterday night.

Dipsy D. said...

Ohhh, thanks for the link to the panda-video, I was ooohing and aaahing over it - gosh, what a bunch of sweeties these little ones are! I hate snow dearly, but I couldn't imagine anything more worthwhile than cuddling with these babies in the snow!
Must Have is getting along sooo fine, I doubt you'll be stranded with the sleeves for much longer!

Sheryl said...

Thanks for the sock encouragement. I have your laundry record beat...I fold my clothes but I wear them out of the pile until it is time to do laundry again - sad but true. I agree with you - that is a cold forecast for Texans as well.

twig said...

We should really have a party here on the island. There seems to be a LOT of us here.

I am disturbed about this folding laundry thing. I thought you were supposed to just leave the clothes in the dryer until you wore them again. *laugh*

Mothlady said...

I'm with you on the hollow yarn ball thing, it's fun to watch how the ball collapses all of a sudden.

Nowadays I fold the laundry right away, but years ago when I was a reckless student... Two weeks?

claudia said...

It looks to me like you'll be on Sleeve Island for awhile. Don't hurt yourself! :)

Siow Chin said...

I love Knitting Around a lot. It's my fave knitting book.

hege said...

Enjoy the cool weather while you can. Good motivation to knit more sweaters! I finished very few sweaters (none?) while living in the South...:)