Monday, February 27, 2006

My Gentleman has new socks

I devoted every minute of my knitting time during the weekend to the grey socks ... and see what I got yesterday afternoon:

Mismatched socks! How exciting! Of course, I wouldn't blame Cookie and Lynette for getting the idea of mismatched socks ringing in my mind! hahaha ... The truth is, when I was knitting the foot of the first sock, I suddenly had the whim of trying out new toes. Round toe was what I chose. Well, let's say this is not for people whose feet are not really thin and lean, or you risk bad blood circulation in your feet. So, I returned to the safest flat toe in the second sock ... and ripped the first one and re-knitted. And now Husband has another pair of hand-knitted socks:

Pattern and Modifications: Gentleman's Plain Winter Socks by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks
If you or the recipient of the socks love wearing those 3-in-a-pack white sports socks found in store, you should try this pattern. The socks feel exactly the same as those bought in store but with the added good feeling of hand-knitted socks. Only modifications are the usual short row heels and flat toe. I am very happy with the pattern except one thing - the one single purl stitch at the end of the round. I think except serving as the center stitch (which can be done by using a stitch marker, BTW), it would only form a ridge on the inside of the socks:
You bet I'm going to make this again ... but I would just knit the rounds, leaving out the purl stitch.

Yarn: Patons Kroy 4-Ply Col:54046 Flagstone
Just having finished one sock using Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock, it required a bit of adjusting to the splitty Kroy. But I am not yet spoiled by the good yarns ... still love this economical and practical Kroy ... especially after the socks have taken a bath ... so soft.

Gauge and Needles: 8.75 sts per 1" using DPNs 1.5

Start Date: 02-19-2006
Finish Date: 02-26-2006

Now, to compensate for the fact that I very much neglected the 8.5-stitch-per-inch sweater last week, I am going to add a few inches to it now. My goal is to add at least 2 inches per week. So, wish you all a good week ahead ... ah, with good weather as it is raining cats and dogs here.


Cookie said...

Awesome! Fraternal socks indeed. So does that mean these socks are fraternal in spirit but cosmetically altered to appear identical? The mind boggles over such possibilities. :-)

The purl bump does look a bit odd. Is it comfortable?

erin said...

This is an excellent pattern for men who don't like anything fussy in their socks (like my hubby, and I suspect, most men). It is good to know that Kroy yarn softens up with washing. I have been wondering how it is like.

candsmom said...

Your DH's socks look wonderful!! You really cranked that pair out this weekend! ;-) And I agree with you about the Kroy- they certainly soften up after washing, making it a nice, economical choice. Fantastic job and take care, Agnes! :-)

Debi said...

Love the new hubster socks - so manly :)

I'm a total yarn snob but I love Kroy!! It's so soft and wears like iron, can't beat that!

Ruth said...

you did a terrific job on the socks!!

and yea, it's storming pretty badly up here too. i came back from my mandarin class soaking wet (even with an umbrella, the winds are so high they blow the rain everywhere!!) =/

Dipsy D. said...

It's very interesting to see what a difference the round toe made - but indeed, you did a fantastic job with the socks, they turned out so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern and your experiences and modifications with it!
Have fun knitting, and best wishes from Austria!

Bonnie said...

The socks look great and the grey is the perfect color for socks. PERFECT!!

Rebekah said...

I love them, I bet my hubby would to, so I'm not letting him see them, because next thing I know I'd be knitting him and he has odd feet.

Lynette said...

Heya, those socks are perfect for my man too. I have the Vintage Socks book, will check out the pattern. I'm with you on the single purl stitch. That's weird. I'm glad you shared that because K would not like the purl ridge.

"Fraternal" socks...I like that. Much better than mismatched. "Random" is OK too.

Mimi said...

Great job on the socks! It's the same around here, lots of rain and it's also so cold again. No signs of Spring!

twig said...

Oh they look great. I will NEVER make my husband socks out of sock weight yarn, unless I can cut a few inches off his feet.

You're lucky. The only economical sock yarn I can get locally is Lion's Magic Stripes.

knit chick said...

I was looking at making those very socks. I would up making the Gentleman's Fancy Sock instead. I thought the ridge in the heel was odd, too (but I did it).