Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where to hide the ugliness?

If you are a regular of Claudia's blog, you'll know her favourite sock pattern: picot-edged cuff, short row heel, short row toe. I have no problem understanding the first two, but short row toe? from the cuff down? How? I'd really like to know, but since it is not an emergency, I just sort of shove the question aside.

Then Kathy, aka grumperina, enlightened me on this. I started to understand why I couldn't see the "how" myself at the first place: I don't like grafting! So, it was being mentally blocked away. :) This perhaps will explain to you why I don't like grafting (and please just ignore the ladder!):

It is usually okay when I just have to graft, say, less than 10 stitches. When it goes beyond this number, things will become, literally, ugly. This is the first sock I completed ... which means I still have the chance to do better with the second sock. Knowing my own weakness, of course I would not be as bold as Kathy by grafting on the instep side of the sock:

Ugliness had better be hidden. Where can you find a better place to hide than by stepping on it?


candsmom said...

Very interesting- I've never done a short-row toe from the cuff down. That seems like an awful lot of grafting, but you did a nice job! I don't see the grafting "ugliness" you claim at all. ;-) I love the color of your socks, BTW. I'll be re-reading Grumperina's entry to learn more about this. Take care! :-)

Debi said...

I love the sock yarn youre using, such a pretty color!

I can see the advantage of the short row vs. flap heel (better fit, less bulky) but I dont really see the advantage to a short row toe since standard wedge toes are not all that different than short rowed toes. Whats the advantage?