Thursday, October 06, 2005

Have you played this game?

Given 2 very similar pictures / drawings, you have to spot the differences. As a kid, I used to like playing this. Today, I found myself involuntarily playing the same game again looking at the 2 sleeves for Old Tile:

Can you spot the differences? In case you are worried that the 2 sleeves are of different sizes, don't. It is just because the one on the right has around a thousand loose ends hiding underneath it! There are 3 different shades of pink used ... and at some point during the knitting, I just got confused over which was which. Then after finishing the second one and putting the two together, I discovered I missed about 3 rows of blue among the green near the left upper corner for the first! But at the end, what really is the difference?

In order to keep the momentum up, I immediately cast on for the back. I really really hope to finish this jacket ... 2 weeks is too unrealistic ... but maybe 3 weeks. :)

Have you seen Sockbug's stunningly beautiful photo of her sock-display? If not, you should immediately hop over to her blog ... I assure you, that's something you shouldn't miss! It is just amazing! The sight of her beautiful socks put back a little bit of motivation for socks in me.


Laura.Y said...

what a myriad of colors ur sleeves are. very pretty!
oh my, u r rite, that sock pic is worth a thousand words.
i'm going to continue to play spot the difference with ur sleeves..:) I haven't spot the difference yet. Those sleeves are a lot of work!

Mimi said...

I used to play the game too. And this time I really can't spot it! That's a lot of work and you are going pretty fast!

Ruth said...

i love the colors! i used to play that game alot too... =)

Siow Chin said...

Even with you saying where it is, I still can't spot it. It's gorgeous!

joy said...

That's so amazing with all the colors. I'm sure no one will notice the difference.

Bettina said...

Given the patterning on this sweater I actually think it is a MUST that there are these small differences which only you know about. Just think how funny it will be if someone spots just one of them and cannot resist the urge to see if there are any more - what a conversation piece! :o)
If I were to make such a sweater (which I am not) I know I would put these differences in on purpose, just for fun! :o)

Lolly said...

That is an amazing project, Agnes! I don't know if I will ever have that much patience :)

Laura said...

Though I can spot the differences--who cares! I actually wouldn't expect such a sweater to have identical sleeves. The tiles look so randomly placed.

Wonderful job--the next time someone asks me for an intarsia sweater, I'm sending them your way.

claudia said...

I can't even see it. Clearly, any differences would be part of the charm of the sweater.

Thanks for sending me to Jane's contest!

twig said...

I clearly stink at that game, because I don't see any differences.

I would like to know if you have any hair left -- I would have pulled all mine out.

It's looking great!