Friday, August 19, 2005

Open to a bagful of delights

Imagine using a grey handbag on a cold, grey and maybe rainy December day, how wonderful it would be to open to a bagful of delights? You know the trick ... click on the photo!

This is why I chose the colourful fabrics. I felt so accomplished with the completion of the lining for this bag. There was not much sewing involved, mainly the zipper, because I opted for the easy way out.

A trip to JoAnn and I came home with tools I needed for the lining:
1. InnerFuse for a more sturdy base for the bag
2. 8.5" dressmaker's scissors (I didn't think the multipurpose scissors I have at home can do the job properly!)
3. Gutermann sewing thread in matching colour (just in case the non-sewing method didn't work)
4. 9" zipper
5. Fabrics (89 cents a piece ... they are having a sale!)
6. Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick Fusible Web
7. Buttons
8. Dressmaker's chalk pencil (I intended to get the yellow chalk my mom used to use but they only have this chalk pencil ... which I found to be useless. I ended up using ordinary pencil marking on the wrong side of the fabrics!)

Step-by-Step Assembling:
1. Use some waste paper to cut out the templates for the various pieces of the bag lining. You have to measure accurately to make sure the sides match. I made the lining measurements just a little bit smaller than the bag.
2. Then, use the templates to cut out the fabrics, with 1 cm hem around for the fusible web.
3. Make a sandwish of fabric (wrong side up), InnerFuse and fabric (right side up). Follow the instructions on the InnerFuse package and you'll have a good sturdy base for the bag. After ironing, trim the edges.
4. Now, the various pieces are ready for assembling using the fusible web, which works quite well.
5. You can even use the fusible web to join the zipper to the lining, which is okay because you'll sew the zipper (plus the fabric) to the bag later.

To make sure I sew the zipper properly, I used some safety pins to steady the position. This also made the sewing easier.
Afterwards, I added the button and made a 3" i-cord for closure. With the handle added, the bag is done!

Yarn: Rowan Magpie Aran Col: Dapple
Pattern: Three for the Road from Bags - A Knitter's Dozen (Check their website for errata!)
Needle: US7


Ruth said...

looks good! i like how you spelled out what you did and with what materials. inspiring! =)

Rebekah said...

It turned out quite fab!

claudia said...

She knits! She sews! Very impressive.

Debi said...

Adorable bag! I'm so impressed. Thanks for the step by step, very informative!

Lynette said...

Very cool, thanks for the tutorial - it's handy and I bookmarked it.

Laura.Y said...

That's a niffy bag! Wonderful! And thanks for the instructions on linin too. Seems everyone is doing bags now :D

joy said...

Great job!! I love colorful linings!

letti said...

that's so cute! did you put secret compartments in it?

twig said...

Wow! You make it sound easy to line a bag. It looks great!

Danielle said...

The bag looks wonderful.

I am am much better having seen your profile picture...Thats a riot!


Siow Chin said...

It's superb! Love the cheerful lining, love your tutorial, and you mean sewing a zipper is the easy way out? Hands down to you completely.

Laura said...

Cute bag! I love the color of the lining. Definitely brightens things up.