Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I should have counted first!

Thank you all very much for the concern, the encouragement, and the comforting words. I was just whining on a Saturday morning ... I know very well that I am amongst the lucky group. First of all, I know having regular tests is important. Knowledge is one of the most important preventive measures guarding our health. Then, I am able to afford medical insurance here. I grew up with government-sponsored medical system, in which the citizens were to pay a very small amount out of their pockets for the services. So, when I first came here, I had little idea how great a burden medical expenses can be on a family if without insurance. Lastly, I am able to drive to have the test myself. Considering all these, I feel blessed.

Okay, back to knitting-related content. Let me show you what you would get if you knit with a pre-occupied mind:

Without counting if I had the correct number of stitches left before continuing straight, I ended up with 10 stitches more than I should and had to rip back 20 cm. Luckily, the knitting became faster once I got the number correct because there were 10 stitches less. Here is the back of Bomber I managed to finish:

As I looked at the picture, I felt a kind of deja vu ... and I remember seeing something similar on Ei's blog - her Olive cardi! But the fact that this yarn is going to shrink lengthwise makes the narrow long ribbing back look even longer.

I just have half an FO with the Rib Socks ... the yarn is so very thin and I am knitting the leg part until the yarn finishes. Picture will come when the other one is done too ... but they are just ribbing, nothing special.

Side note: I am quite far behind in terms of using the photo-editing software ... just figured out how to manipulate different layers for effect like the one I post today. But isn't it cool that we can do something like that? ;)

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Debi said...

Hi Agnes!
Don't worry about the mammogram results, I'm sure everything's A OK...more importantly, do you do your monthly breast exams? I hope so!! We have a saying in my line of work, "Breast exams let women save their lives with their own two hands" :)

You'll love GOL, every project in there is a winner! I have so many on my "to do" list!

Pumpkin turned 1 on July 10 so does he still qualify as a baby? His breeder shows cats and before Pumpkin came to me he was being groomed for the show ring which includes frequent baths and haircuts to keep them looking just so. He's totally not afraid of water,showers, my vacuum...he even lets me touch inside his ears!

Sorry for the novel, you knitting looks lovely! Love Bomber!!