Monday, August 01, 2005

Have you met Claude and Eris yet? (Updated)

The last few days I was feeling so happy because of these 2 new girls. Claude is the latest design by the beautiful and talented Anna. While her Sgt Pepper jacket may be a bit too complicated for me to knit, I certainly think Claude would be a very elegant and wearable top. I am waiting for the pattern to come. And then Jenna's Eris totally have me captured! I got the 40-page (yes, you read it right, 40 pages!) pattern ... and I think I would make a cotton sweater and a wool cardi from it. And of course, with August comes the new pattern from Six Sox Knitalong, which is a British-gansey-inspired pattern. My hands won't be idle for a long long time!

Knit progress. Since I have been spending time on my photoblog, I didn't make too much progress on the navy sweater ... still 2 more inches before reaching the shoulder. Then, I just finished the short row heel on one of the rib socks. I have only one problem with the short row this time. For some reason unknown to me, there are holes on one side of the heel while the other side is perfect. I'll try to see if I can figure this out while working on the second sock.

Lastly, does any one of you know what "gauchos" are? I asked because I saw the poster on the right outside a fashion shop this afternoon and had no idea what they are. So, out of curiosity, I went into the shop to find out. But there was nothing labelled "gauchos" inside the store! I dare not catch too much attention as I was trying to shoot pictures of this and this. I had no idea why I wanted to take their pictures! ... But I still want to know what "gauchos" are!

Update: Many thanks to Fraggle, Liz and Shelley, I now have an idea what "gauchos" are! At first I thought it was something from the family of "poncho", so I kept looking for similar items in the shop ... LOL! But if you look at the poster carefully, it said, "KNIT gauchos" ... I think if I had found one inside the shop, I would have definitely taken a picute and sent it here!


Fraggle said...

I found this when I googled the term:

Liz said...

They're hideous is what they are! Seriously though, they are cropped pants. Sort of Capri length without the "taper". Make sense?
Not very flattering if you ask me ;)

Shelley said...

I agree...hideous! I rember having a pair in pink when I was a kid!

Becky said...

Aaah! Knit gauchos! Definitely a faux pas.

Diana said...

Gauchos are fine! They are like wide-leg capri pants, so wide that the silhouette suggests a skirt. I wouldn't suggest knitting them or anything, but wear them, sure. They're super cute.

Heather said...

I have a pair in denim. Old navy sold them a season or three ago. I only wear them when I am doing yardwork. hehe. they are roooomy.

My boyo calls them my shrunken clown pants.

:) Thanks so much for your lovely words about kiri! Lace is so addicting!

Monica said...

No!!! they were big in the 70's and I HATED them they were like cropped pants at rhe knees that flaired at the bottom and usualy back then you wore them with hight boots, I know this becasue I AM OLD!!!! :) they wore them ont he TV show "One Day at a Time" all the time!!!

Debi said...

If I recall, they were popular in the 70's, kinda like long, wide culottes (another fashion horror!)and were "supposed" to be reminscent of the cowboys on the Pampas of Argentina, hence Gouchos. They were often worn with a short bolero type vest, another latin american influence. And yes, I remember having to wear some on International Day in second or third grade but I also remember "Ann Romano" of One Day at a Time fame being particularly fond of that style.
Thanks for the sweet compliments on my Kiri and my Pumpkin but tell me, what is that green thing that your cat wearing in your pic?