Thursday, August 25, 2005

Getting ready for the big city

I received a reply from Rowan, saying that there is no bead on the shawl itself. This means the River can keep on flowing! Actually, I am not sure if I would knit the knot for the shawl ...

Last time, I said I didn't know what "lace method" cast on was. The very kind and helpful Debi taught me how to do it in her comment. The River KAL hostess Jody also post a link to a tutorial page. Thanks both of you. BTW, Debi also has a very detailed tutorial on how to knit with beads without pre-threading the beads. If you are interested, hop over to her blog and check out the August 12 post.

As of the time when I was writing this post, I had finished the front of the Sirdar sweater ... YAY! I am sure you can all imagine how exciting a picture of a deep blue sweater front of 95% stocking stitch would be ... so I spare you of it!

I would not be able to post until Sunday. Tomorrow I would take a train ride to the big city (San Francisco) to meet a past student visiting here. I think I would knit the sleeves during the rides. I do look forward to the meeting as we haven't seen each other for a full 4 years! Besides, I think I would be able to get some good city shots for my photoblog. Then, tomorrow evening, Husband and I would drive down to Marina for another autocross on Saturday. But I am not as lucky as many of you who can knit while the husbands are driving during road trips. Husband is a very cautious person ... therefore, no knitting needles in the front seat. But still I would bring the sleeves along with me.

No progress on River, no progress on Bomber, so I can only end this post with pictures of Husband modelling his Rib Socks for you:

Note: He was watching some Fight-Club-style fighting show on TV ... AND the fighter he likes was on the verge of losing, so it was impossible to get a standing modelling shot. When I asked for a different pose, he gave me this:

But at least it shows the socks fit! LOL!


twig said...

Your husband was VERY helpful in giving you that other pose. *laugh*

As for no knitting needles in the front seat, the simple answer is sit in the back! (While you're there, would you mind finishing my Ribby sleeve #2?)

Siow Chin said...

Your husband is really a funny one. Does he know that you're using this photo? Heehee.

joy said...

Great action shots of those socks! :D

Liz said...

Great pictures....Sure it's not my hubby? That's something he would do.

Lauren said...

hehe! those pics are great. the socks look really nice!

hope you have a nice time in san fran! ;)

Debi said...

Great socks Agnes! That hubster's a real weisenheimer, eh? :)

Pumpkin sends cool kitty kisses....ahhh, A/C!!!!!!

Shelley said...

Oh my Gawd...the husband's poses are hilarious! Great socks. San Fran sounded great. Congrats on the autocross!