Sunday, August 28, 2005

Even Mama can't recognize me! (Updated)

This was an expression we loved to use while in college. Whenever we experienced some extreme emotions that made us very much different from our normal usual selves, we said even our mamas couldn't recognize us. And I believe I was so stoned tired yesterday when I arrived home that my mama sure wouldn't recognize me!

After having lived in a Californian suburban city for 4 years, I have forgotten how crowded, noisy and dirty a big city can be. A trip to San Francisco brought all these sensations back from memory to live. All the people flowing from nowhere into the streets; the endless sirens of cop cars, fire engines and paramedic ambulances; the deafening drills from road work; the distinct smell of exhaust that just won't go away ... all these make San Francisco amazingly similar to the Hong Kong I remember! I don't go to the big city very often ... but I can't deny that it is a beautiful and fun place:

After spending half a day there, my senses were so bombarded that I was simply too tired to knit on the train!

Then yesterday was another autocross day. If you think you are going to see some knitting pictured on mini cones, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. Not only did I not have time to knit, I didn't even have time for any photos. But it was the most fun time I had ... this time I was the co-pilot for Husband! Yes, I put on a helmet and went on the car with him ... and boy, was it exciting? You bet ... I fully understand the addictive adrenaline rush a car racer would experience! But it was not only this. When Husband got the time of less than 45 seconds for a run, we were both exclaiming, laughing and shouting like 2 mad persons ... he got an almost 5 seconds improvement from the first run of the day! He said that if I wanted to, he could get an old stick shift car for me to learn how to drive! And then I can take part in the autocross too! I am just afraid that I would love that too much!

I was so exhausted when we got home yesterday evening that I just fell asleep on the sofa ... not even changing my clothes! The rest of the evening passed in oblivion ... I believed I did make something to eat ... and then not much to remember!

After one night's rest, I managed to get some knitting done today. I am on the sleeve island right now and I hope I won't be stranded here for too long! I am knitting both sleeves of the Sirdar sweater at the same time. Though in plain stocking stitch, I managed to get 8 inches of both done. Actually, I can join the shoulders and work on the neck band if I get bored with the sleeves. Hopefully, the sweater would be an FO next week!

Update: Ruth tagged me for the 5th sentence of my 23rd post ... I found it, but it was not written by myself. Anyway, it is "Go visit your old friend's grave in a medeivel chapel." Weird, huh?


twig said...

Oh! That sounds like so much fun!!!! Lucky you!

Siow Chin said...

Brava to you for getting on a racing car with your hubby! Space mountain at Disney was enough to make me dizzy.

Lynette said...

Your weekend sounded fabulous. It's been so long since I went to San Francisco. You've tempted me...

OK, this is a stupid question after all your posts, but what exactly is autocross?

Ruth said...

racing - wow! i would have been scared to be in the car =)
and i know what you mean by the Hong Kong smell - parts of SF have that very same smell too, a bit nostalgic for me. =P

Harmonia said...

Hey there! Cool pics, as always! Haven't heard from you in a few days and thought I would drop by. I got a blogger ID, yay! Hope to see you soon!

AKA Jennair