Saturday, July 16, 2005

Would you call me crazy?

I mean making the same tee-shirt pattern twice in a month ... am I crazy? To think more on this, actually there are several reasons behind.
1. Yes, I really like this pattern a lot ... for its simplicity and its wearability.
2. More importantly, the pattern is inspiring. After making the first one, I immediately moved on to the possibility of a narrower neckline and a tighter fit. With much examining of the pattern inside out within my brain, I discovered that I could do it. Now that the second one is done, I am having further thoughts. What if I want a wide neckline like the first one but a tighter fit like the second one? Or vice versa? Is it possible? How about the sleeves? What if I want cap sleeves? short sleeves?
3. I want to add some brighter colours to the Tivoli Gallery.
4. I have this yarn in my stash for like ages. I think I need to find a project for it.

Yarn: Cascade Bulky Fixation (7 balls, 93 yards each) Col: 3853 Rose
Yeah, you read it right ... it is Bulky Fixation. I really didn't remember why I bought this ... maybe it was because I was using Fixation for the Pretty Comfy Socks and I liked it, so I would like to try the bulky version. Anyway, it is not an easy yarn to use. What I mean is the yarn is thick and elastic ... so it would make you look bulky too, as evidenced in the fuzzy pictures! Also, even for a sleeveless tee, it is really too warm! Actually, I think the sport weight Fixation would be a much better choice, if you like this type of yarn that is!

Gauge and size: This time, I used US6 with a guage of 19 stitches per 4".

Pattern and modifications: Quite a lot of changes this time.
1. Basically, what determines the width of the neckline is the number of stitches you cast on. For this, I cast on 130 stitches. Then, you may need to have more rounds of the raglan increase to compensate for the fewer stitches in the cast on. Instead of 13 rounds, I had 15.
2. With the fewer CO stitches, the yoke is already a slimmer one, so I still cast on 15 stitches each side for the armwholes ... and you'll find that it would fit tighter. But the most important thing is not to avoid the trouble of keep trying it on. It wastes some time but would give you a better idea if you are getting something that you want. If you use a really long needle, you can save the trouble of threading a waste yarn through the live stitches. I used a 52" cord with the Denise set.
3. Furthermore, since the yoke is slimmer, I need to have 2 more waist increase rounds to accommodate my hip width. (Really need to workout more!)
4. I knew from the beginning that this yarn would curl more seriously that Cotton Ease. So, I experimented with the I-cord BO I just learned to see if it could help. The verdict is - NO. The hip edge still curls ... but as you all know already, I don't really care too much!

With the mercury climbing to near 100F constantly, I won't be able to wear this new FO now. But I am still very happy with it. It is more like an experiment for me to really dissect the pattern and come to a better understanding of it. How about you? Have you tried it yet?


grumperina said...

It looks great, and the kinds of modifications you made - size of neckhole, how many increase rounds, how many stitches to cast on at the underarm, waist increases/decreases - that's how I write the pattern for all the different sizes :). I'm assuming I can put this in the Tivoli gallery - I will do so shortly :).

claudia said...

I think it looks great with the smaller neckline.

Peggy said...

I like this one too! The pink is gorgeous.

Laura.Y said...

Lovely! I like the fit for this one!

opportunityknits said...

If I could knit faster, I would knit Tivoli too. Love the colour on your second one.

carrie said...

that is such a yummy, lovely sweater. nice job with the modifications!