Sunday, July 31, 2005

Prolific July

So you still remember the Manos Love Affair Scarf, right? I have to find another yarn for the scarf I intended for my niece. If she shares the same temperament as my brother, i.e. her father, then her tolerance of anything itchy around her neck is close to zero. Somehow, I have the impression that Kathy has a similar high degree of tolerance, therefore, I decided to give Berroco Plush a try.

So I started doing search in eBay and found some good deals. But it was supposed to be a Christmas present, I didn't feel I need to hurry this much. Besides, I just wanted to make sure. Then, Diane left a comment on the post recommending Yarn Dogs ... which seems a really nice and cozy place. So, off I drove to Los Gatos on Friday afternoon.

Charming little town center with lots of nice shops is Los Gatos. Yarn Dogs is true to its impression given in its webpage. The lady running the shop is very friendly but not intrusive. I felt comfortable just browsing around the shop. There is a large selection and varieties of yarns ... they even have quivit, which I think is as luxurious and expensive as cashmere, am I right? Finally, I found the Plush I was looking for. While searching in eBay, I planned to buy precious pink. But then I saw orange flash, which I would never consider buying just by looking at the computer screen. But in person, this colour is just so lovely! So, here I present to you my 6th FO (wow!) in July:

Yarn: Berroco Plush Col: 1920 Orange Plush
Gauge and Needle: Gauge not really important. Cast on 25 stitches and knit in garter stitch using US10
Finished measurements: 6.5" x 52"
Time used: 4 hours

Now, I just need to remember to tell my sister-in-law that this thing has to be handwashed! The same with the Mystery Kit #4, which I gave away to Husband's best friend. He is an avid snowboarder/skiier. I am afraid he would just throw the gift into the machine!


grumperina said...

4 hours?!? You make me seem like a slacker! It took me more than a week to finish mine! Hehehe... I've heard from others that it's okay to machine-wash this stuff, but since I used all my yarn in the scarf and didn't save even a bit for a swatch, I'm not going to take a chance. It's lovely stuff, isn't it? Absolutely non-itchy and don't have the nasty characteristics (odor, greasy feel, shedding) I typically associate with acrylics.

claudia said...

Delightful color.


opportunityknits said...

hope the niece likes the scarf, I can understand the itch factor. My kids refuse to wear clothes that itch, no matter how pretty they look.

twig said...

I love that color! What a lucky recipient!

joy said...

I also worry about gifts being tossed in the washing machine or wonder how something such as lace doesn't get blocked once washed. My mom specifically asked for machine washable stuff after I made her a vest with 'nice' (ie. too fussy to care for) yarn. She's gotten fewer stuff from me; it's not deliberate but I just prefer knitting with 'nice' yarns. :-)