Sunday, July 03, 2005

Knitwear Review No.1

This is my first warm season knitting. After finishing 3 summer tops, and with considerable wearing, I think I can draw some conclusions for future reference.

Cabled Vest: I like knitting and wearing cable patterns ... they are beautiful and fascinating. However, I think I would not knit another light-coloured summer cotton top in cable pattern again. Because of the nature of the pattern, the cables would get dirty easily. And if it is in light colour, I just feel that the dirt won't go away ... or it comes back quickly. And of course, my being a bit careless and sloppy just helps to aggravate this! The yarn is also the heaviest amongst the three I have used so far. After washing, there seems to be a tiny bit of stretch width-wise.

faye: This one is beautiful in its simple pattern and the yarn is of good quality. I thought it had to be hand-washed but I just found out it is machine washable. This should make life easier! The vest stays in good shape after (hand) washed. Yet, something I learned from faye is that I would not knit another buttoned-front summer vest, especially a well-fitted one. At first I thought it was my knitting skills, but later I saw more pictures of cardigans and concluded that hand-knitted cardigans are like that. What I mean is the spaces between the buttons! Honestly, I won't just wear a bra under faye ... not that there are a lot of people trying to look inside ... it's just I don't feel comfortable. So, I have to wear another small vest or a camisole inside. The real scorching hot season is arriving and this means really hot. Therefore, sorry, no more buttoned-front vest!

Tivoli T-shirt: This one is the most comfortable amongst the three ... the yarn and the style both contribute to the ease and comfort of wearing. Cotton-Ease feels thick when knitted up but it won't make you feel hot. It's also a plus when it is machine washable and dryable. The neckline looks good but if I am going to make another one, I would make it narrower. Now I start to understand the structure of the pattern, I know how to do it! I just need to cast on fewer stitches and that would give me a smaller neckline! Easy!

After finishing Tivoli, I have been busy finishing up Mystery Kit #4. It was fun working on something you had no idea what it was. I am thinking of how to post on it to avoid being a spoiler to other kit-owners. For the time being, have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July everyone.


claudia said...

I really like it when people review their projects after wearing them. I try to do this myself.

opportunityknits said...

The true test of a knit is in the wearing and I loved reading your post today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the patterns and yarns. I have the same reservations about vests or tops that button up. So far Tivoli is coming thumbs up on all the blogs.

Siow Chin said...

How true that the real test is in the wearability. And happy belated birthday to you!! I'm still badly catching up with my blog reading after coming back from Singapore. said...

great post! love to hear about how past knits are doing.

alltangledup said...

if you like wearing Faye but find the button band to be gapey, you can sew it up to the first buttonhole. I've done that in the past, but I think it has to do with Rowan designs that tend to use narrow button bands and buttons too widely spaced. I like all these projects on you.. very pretty