Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I am such a loser!

Every July 4th, there will be fireworks show in our city's central park, which is just next to our street. This means we can virtually watch the show from our backyard. This year is no exception. What is special this year is that the new camera we bought has a setting specifically for shooting fireworks. Cool!

Today, we went for a drive on a new route in the mountains of San Jose. The G8/McKean Road goes through several reservoirs in the area and the views are beautiful! There are also numerous farms on the way ... where we can see a lot of cows and horses! On our way back, we even saw a deer in the middle of the road! It was standing right in front of our car ... so close!

During the last few days, I did quite a lot of knitting. I finished the Mystery Kit #4 ... and I like the colourway of the kit this time. I started My So Called Scarf using Lion Brand's Landscape and I intended to give it to my niece as Christmas present. The yarn is not good ... but the scarf made from it is beautiful. I finished one Rumba sock and am now concentrating on finishing Chutes-n-Ladders.

For all these, I could have shown you lots and lots of pictures ... but I can't. All because I lost my camera! :( I discovered this on Sunday afternoon ... at the moment, I thought I was just misplacing it somewhere. So, I didn't tell Husband. What I was thinking was better not to alert him with a false alarm. But all along I was feeling extremely guilty already! Yesterday morning, after looking and checking carefully everywhere possible, I thought the loss was confirmed ... I had to tell him. I had been bottling up the bad and guilty feeling for almost a whole day ... when I told him, I couldn't help it anymore ... yes, tears help you release the guilty feeling! He said I shouldn't have suffered all these by myself ... I should have told him and we could look for it together. At the end, he said it was just a camera ...

So, I guess for the moment, I can only offer you this entry sans photos!


opportunityknits said...

hope the camera turns up.

joy said...

Oh no! Your new camera? Your husband sounds like a very sweet and understanding guy. I hope the camera turns up.

Karen said...

Poor Agnes......I hope the camera turns up soon. I need to see your knitting. Maybe your dear husband will buy you another one. Smile Agnes! :)

Lauren said...

Oh no, I sure hope the camera turns up--sounds like your husband was understand about it though!

I didn't have the greatest experience with Lion Brand Landscapes either--pretty colors, but I thought the yarn was not very good quality--did yours come unplied very easily?

Hope you have a good day, Agnes!

claudia said...

Ouch. That hurts.

But hey. This could be a great opportunity to upgrade! Check out the new Canon 20D that Ei just bought. Yummy.