Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I am getting better ... I think, at least!

For most of the sweater projects, I tended to follow the instructions closely. I am the type who would prefer to stick to the instructions. This is mainly due to my lack of confidence - I don't think I would getter better results by making changes. The Red Tivoli Tee is my first step in getting a little bit away from the instructions.

My next sweater project is a challenge. You'd have a better view of the sweater here since I am making it in navy blue. It is a drop-shoulder pattern. I'd like to knit it with set-in sleeves. Therefore, these are what I always have around me these days:

The Ann Budd book proves to be a very useful one, especially for new knitters who are attempting to make changes to patterns or to design their own. Right now, I have finished the armhole shaping of the back. A few more inches and I can shape the shoulder.

And here is a close-up of the neck band. It is quite intriguing to me as I know for sure that following the instructions wouldn't give you such a beautiful and neat neck band. It looks really like the tubular cast-on edge. So, I checked my reference books and found that there is actually a "tubular bind-off" method! So, when the time comes, I would enlist the help of Nancie Wiseman's book, which is another useful technique book.

BTW, have any of you noticed that Nancie Wiseman and Yarn Harlot look very much alike?

Book Review
Talking about books, I got a complimentary copy of Maran Illustrated Knitting & Crocheting from the publisher. I spent some time going through it and this thought kept coming up in my mind, "This is the one book I need to have way back when I first started!" All the basics a new knitter needs to know are there in the book, even intarsia! There are also stitch patterns and projects. What is a really BIG plus to me is the illustrations - when I say BIG, believe me, they are really BIG, see? By now, I think you must have read quite a number of knitter-bloggers reviewing on this book. I think our opinions are very consistent - it's a good reference book for new/beginning knitters. If you want to get, say your kids, who just start knitting a reference book, this is the one to go for.


Lynette said...

Nancie Wiseman and the Yarn Harlot were separated at birth?? Hehehe.

The Ann Budd book was recommended to me also as a reference for resizing sweater patterns. Hmm, perhaps I should take a closer look at it. In the meantime I am using Sweater Wizard. Have you tried that yet?

Ruth said...

I actually have that Maran book!! and yes, it's a great beginner book. =)
As for the California Wool and Fiber Festival, here's a link: (I had no idea about it until Lynette brought it up - it looks very tempting!) =)

opportunityknits said...

I prefer set in sleeves too. And that neckband looks good. I like to use a sewn bind off for ribbing that looks like that.

Debi said...

Hi Agnes!! Thanks for visiting my blog and your (and your hubby's) compliments about my handsome lil guy Pumpkin!

I'm VERY confident in my knitting and I still like to start with a pattern. I may chage it to unrecognizable proportions but I'm not a "wing it" kinda gal! You do what works best for you!! And your knitting is lovely, BE CONFIDENT!

Again, thanks for the visit, come back anytime!

twig said...

I've heard so much about the Ann Budd book. I'm going to have to see if Amazon has it and if they take paypal. My knitting budget is financed by sales through paypal.

I can't wait to see the finished sweater. I love that look.