Thursday, June 23, 2005

One skein wonder?

No no no ... I am not working on the now much popular one skein wonder. I am just showing my amazement at how much one skein of Cotton Ease can do! Yes, I finally start using my newly built up Cotton Ease stash (... and suddenly found out I was a "junkie" reading this! ;)). I chose the Tivoli T-shirt. And while writing this, I'm also wondering why so many of us chose the similar colours? I thought Kathy's was in pink! Oh, sorry, I digress! I started on Tuesday and am now almost done with the first ball:

I am now half way through the knit-even rounds before the waist decrease. I have to confess, this is the first time I spent so much time reading through the WHOLE pattern before I start ... mainly because I had difficulty visualizing how knitting in the round can turn out a t-shirt shape like that. (I think nona expressed what I thought in the best way!) Once started, it was actually going like breeze ... especially if you are like me, who have just finished a 4-ply project!

At first I was hesitant in making this because I usually wear tops either sleeveless or with proper sleeves, but this one is neither ... I was afraid it would make my arms look thick and round. However, I think it is not bad at all:

Basically, my gauge with Cotton Ease is exactly the same as in Kathy's pattern. But I have a smaller bust measurement. So, after casting off the sleeve-caps, I cast on 15 stitches on each side instead of the 19 called for in the pattern. I used the "loop cast-on" method but now I felt that I should have used the "twisted loop cast-on" because it would be firmer. I am hoping I would get an FO very soon with this project!

I have to thank all of you for the kind words you left on my birthday post. I had a wonderful day yesterday. My brother called and I had a long chat with him and my niece before she went to school. My MIL called and sang the birthday song to me in English! When my husband returned from work, he brought this with him:

It is a pot of mini-roses! While I think cut flowers are beautiful, I love to see them with real life, in the ground or in pots, living and breathing. So, this year he bought me live flowers! I am going to transplant them into a bigger pot.


grumperina said...

SO cute! Fitting great! Mine was light blue, too :). I have a second one planned... also light blue. I think the blue vibes come with the pattern :).

Mimi said...

I like the sleeve style on your tivoli T-shirt. Gives enough coverage and at same time feels like no sleeve under the arm. It's looking nice on you already!

Laura.Y said...

Hiya! Happy Belated Birthday! I wanted to msg earlier but not sure if it was my connection or blogger. Couldn't leave any comments at all.

I like ur tivoli. That's in my waitlist now..:)

anyone said...

I like that colour and the square neck line.

opportunityknits said...

Your Tivoli is in a pretty blue.

letti said...

hi girl..sorry i haven't dropped by in so long..the sleeves are sooo cute and your arms don't look big at all! so slender!!! and the baby blue colour is beautifl.