Wednesday, June 22, 2005

If I could live to 80 years old

today is the beginning of the second half of my life! Yes, today is my 41st birthday. I don't normally do anything special on my birthday. But maybe I can celebrate a bit this year ... by doing something I haven't done yet in my blog. When I first started this knitting blog, Husband was a bit concerned about the risk of posting my pictures here. However, since so many of you have done so and it seems nothing wrong has happened, I think maybe I can just post some pictures on my birthday!

However, the real problem is the limited choices. I like taking pictures ... not of myself, but of the people and things around me. Also, I am not really photogenic ... so I spent quite some time choosing pictures that are good.

This is my latest picture, taken last week. I was trying on Husband's newly bought helmet for the autocross ... and I felt like an alien in that thing:

You may have seen this picture before ... but cropped! ;) I was wearing the sweater I made originally for Husband, but which ended up being mine:

This is me in the kitchen, trying to make crepe for the first time:

This was taken 2 years ago in Kauai. I was preparing to snorkel ... I love seeing all the beautiful fishes in the sea!

I was a high school teacher when I was in Hong Kong. This is one of my students from the early years of my teaching career. She visited California with her husband 1 or 2 years ago and we managed to meet up in San Francisco. This was taken in Union Square:

This is my favourite picture of myself. I was in a friend's party 3 years ago. The theme of the party was "Winter Wonderland" and they decorated the house as a ski resort ... really cool!

I don't expect to receive any birthday presents. (Every year, Husband would ask me what I want for my birthday. Every year, I would tell him there is nothing in particular that I want ... let's do away with the gift-giving thing!) But look what I received from the brown guy on Monday:

Yes, it was a surprise package from Karen. I am sure she had no idea my birthday is in this week. She said she thought of me when she saw this:

So, she sent it to me as a surprise! I have told you she is wonderful before ... but I think I have to tell you again. She is just wonderful. Thank you very much, Karen, not only for the gift, but also for thinking of me!


joy said...

A very happy birthday to you, Agnes!! :) You look wonderful!

Moze said...

Happy birthday! Grear pics--we'll try not to stalk [g]

opportunityknits said...

Happy Birthday Agnes! We are quite close in age and girl, you wear your age well!

grumperina said...

Happy Birthday! All the best in the next year! Thanks for sharing the photos, you look great :).

Eilene said...

Hope you have a fabulous Birthday Agnes. You do not look 41!!! I think you look great in the photos. My fave is also the winter wonderland pic.

Take care & have a great one! :-)

Diana said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I love your photos!

Lynette said...

happy birthday!

Mimi said...

Wow it's your B-day, Happy Birthday to you! You look really young for 41! The pictures are great and it was nice seeing you !

Karen said...

Wow Agnes....I had no idea it was your birthday....maybe the birthday gods were sending me messages when I sent you that sock yarn.hahahaha. Nice pictures...its great to see a face with a name. You look great in all your pictures! Enjoy your birthday week!!! Celebrate big!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Agnes! I hope you had a great day, and it was wonderful to see pictures of your lovely face!

claudia said...

Agnes, happy 41st! 1964 was a fabulous year, now wasn't it.


Thanks for the pictures of you...I really enjoyed seeing them.