Friday, June 10, 2005

Almost an FO!

Not having touched the computer for several days, I mostly spent my time working on faye. Now, it's almost done. I am working on the buttonhole band. I am wondering those of you who have worked on this before ... which side you knit first? The button band? or the buttonhole band?

As you can see, I knitted the button band first ... as the lazy woman in me thought that it was the easier side. However, I now think that maybe I should have done the otherwise. Or, it doesn't really matter at all?

Fearing that the tension would not be even, I sew the band to the front as I knitted it ... making sure that the whole thing lie flat and relaxed. So far, I think it is pretty well done.

So, what's left? I have to look for buttons to go with the vest. But that would be easy. Oh yes, of course I need to knit the neck band ... AND the armhole bands. This is where the next problem occurs. I checked the pattern VERY CAREFULLY and FOR SEVERAL TIMES. However, I can't find the instructions for the armhole bands! There are 2 versions of faye, one is vest and the other is cardigan. Everything is there except the armhole bands for the vest. I think most probably Miss Hargreaves was too happy to be done with the cardigan and forgot she had put in a vest version! So, I will have to do it myself.

Plans for coming projects? As I have told you earlier, I will work on the mohair shell! Besides, the new SixSoxKnitAlong pattern is out and I will start on that too. How about you? :) Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Karen said...

I wissh I could help Agnes. It seems you have everything under control. When I had trouble with my Red Roacks pattern, I emailed the designer and she helped me out. Try to get in touch with her. Have a nice Saturday night!

Mimi said...

Great, Fayes is almost an FO! I also do the button band first. This way is easier for me to check the intervals for the buttonholes in the other band. Sometimes, I don't use the same # of buttons as in the pattern. Looking forward to see Faye completed!

Lynette said...

Hi Agnes. Like you, I knit the button bands first...never really thought about it much except that it makes more sense that way. You can always move the button, but it would be a pain to change the button hole.

Perhaps the pattern is expecting you to be creative about the armbands? I'm sure you will figure it out, you're quite crafty.