Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Working out and Reading ... again!

Yesterday, I finally moved my not-so-fat-yet ass to the gym again after an almost-half-a-year break. What really pushed me into action again was our Sunday night dinner at California Pizza Kitchen ... I ate so much that I felt like throwing up the rest of the night! BTW, if you haven't tried CPK, I highly recommend you give it a try ... especially their Roasted Potato & Grilled Chicken Pizza and Chocolate Souffle Cake.

When I was at the gym, I had the slight suspicion that the staff there knew in advance I would come back that day ... and so they adjusted the scale! I expected to have put on several pounds, mainly because of the (lack of) exercising and decadent feasting that have been going on. But I was actually lighter than I weighed myself last time I was there! Mysterious ... mysterious ...

Writing up the book meme also made me aware of the fact that I haven't read a book (not a knitting book) for a long time. This suddenly made me miss reading one. I decided to try audio books. So, I went to the library and checked out Anita Shreve's The Pilot's Wife. If the idea of audio books works for me, I don't have to sacrifice reading for knitting.

Yesterday, I also received my package from KnitPicks. I couldn't wait to start reading a little bit of Knitting Workshop. I love the preface by Barbara G. Walker and this summarizes the reason I love EZ's knitting books:

Her written instructions combine two qualities all too seldom met together: they teach, and they amuse, both at once.

Very often, I would find knitting instructions hard to read if they are of skills that I don't immediately need. It just feels as interesting as reading a computer software's user manual to me. However, with EZ's books, the author's sense of humor helps me go through the instructions with pleasure, even though I may not be able to understand everything at once.

Today is a BIG day ... today is Cabled Vest seaming day. So for now, I can only offer you a photo of Mystery Kit #4 from Inspirations Yarn ... which I don't know when I would start!


Mimi said...

Hi! Agnes, what are you going to knit from your new yarn? Exercise? Yeah, I need too... Have dedicated all my time to knitting.

opportunityknits said...

I would like to have that weighing machine - mine never gives good readings! Audio books, what a good idea. I listen to BBC radio and ocassionally catch the programme where they read a story over radio. Enjoyable.

Peggy said...

There's always so much to do and so little time. My to-do (and to-knit) lists are overfollowing! Kudos to you for actually going the gym and picking up a book.

froggyknits.com said...

cool yarn. and i really need to look into audio books.