Monday, May 23, 2005

Working on "faye"

First of all, just want to tell you that both Kathy and nona have new FOs out which are of their own designs!!!! These knitters rock! What would the world be without these creative people around? ;)

For me, I am happy being an ordinary person who just love to admire creative designers' work and choose among them to knit for myself! Last week, I mainly played around with the yarns I have to see what I should start. I went back to my to-do list and examined this pattern more closely. I bought some Endless Summer Collection Lara for this and the gauge is about right. However, I felt lucky that I behaved this time and swatched on the fancy pattern ... tell me what you think of this:

... work one fancy st to the right as foll: insert crochet hook under horizontal bar before the K1tbl 2 rows below, yrh, draw up a long lp, yrh, insert hook in same place, yrh and draw up a lp, yrh and pull through 3 lps on hook, place lp on RH needle ...

Lara is like Rowan's 4-ply cotton ... but it splits! Can you imagine working the fancy stitch pattern with a splitty yarn, say, every 5 stitches? So, I quickly decided this pattern was not for me ... at least not now. I need something simple. So, I went back to the patterns I have chosen in the past and decided on faye. I got my pattern from A Treasury of Rowan Knits. Over the weekend, I've worked this much:

There are enough details to keep me interested ... the seed stitch panels, the side seams and darts shaping ... This is my first time working on a Kim Hargreaves design. So far, I think it is pretty well-written. But if you look at the seed stitch panels, there is one thing I am not particularly happy with - the holes from the M2 increases. I need to check if there is any other ways to avoid this.

Last, but definitely not the least, I want to tell you that I was just overwhelmed with your comments on the Cabled Vest. Thank you so very much! The weather has been gorgeous over the weekend here and I wore it to the mountains ... with pride! hahaha ... this is such a lovely feeling!


Mimi said...

I agree with you, when the yarn splits is better to work on an easy pattern. Faye is simple and elegant!

Karen said...

Faye will look terrific on you....!Keep us posted on your progress.