Sunday, May 01, 2005

Questions & Answers

Karen: Where were you married? In the US or Hong Kong?

I got married in San Jose, California.

Lynette: I want to index the patterns in my IK issues but I think I'm being too ambitious. Let us know how it goes with maintaining your list.

I have just finished with my IK and VK issues. I have the most copies of these 2 magazines and I like them more than the others, so I started with them. For the other odd copies, since they are not my most favourite, I just deal with them when I have the time. Also, newly bought magazines will be treated first.

Joy: Oh, I think my heart skipped a beat at the thought of trying to fit into my wedding dress. ...Is there any other challenge out there that doesn't involve the wedding dress?

Let me share with you a secret: even before I knew about this wedding dress challenge, I did from time to time try to fit into some old clothing, like a pair of old jeans or my cheung-sam. I don't even have a scale at home. If I want to know if I have gained weight, either I go to the gym (there is an electronic scale there!) or use the fitting-into-old-clothing method. I find this a good way to remind myself not to get too far with soda, chips, ice-cream ... (and the list goes on!) So, Joy, just start by choosing a dress or pants and try to fit into it every 6 months. Forget about the wedding dress.

Mimi: What needle size is advised for this Lion yarn (Cotton-Ease)?

The needle size recommended is US8 ... but I have a feeling that I would need a smaller size. By the way, I just got 2 more colours for summer tanks ... black and soft yellow! I struggled a bit over the orange ... not my usual colour of choice, but it looks beautiful.

Claudia: I am supposing that book (French Women Don't Get Fat) has something to do with the wedding gown challenge.

This is not exactly a question ... but I have to say, well, really not. I got the book well before the challenge ... and its attraction to me is actually the recipes inside!


joy said...

Hee, hee. I'm doing alright then. I can still fit into the pants bought after I had my first baby. :) Still, I think the wedding dress is the ULTIMATE challenge!

Mimi said...

Thanks for checking the needle size, I was wondering if I should have my Sis get some for me as it's not sold here in Taiwan.
Oh! Sorry, I am a new member of Asia Knit and I couldn't get the link to my site right. In case,it still doesn't work....