Wednesday, May 11, 2005

10 favourite things

I was tagged by Emily and here is my list:

1. Books - I am a super nerdy bookworm ... love reading and love collecting books. Knitters talk about yarn diet; for me, I have been on a book diet for quite some time. Since the apartment is small, I mostly check out books from the library. However, recently I have added quite some to my knitting collection!

2. Chocolate - does this really need elaboration? ;)

3. Taking a walk with Husband - because this usually means that the weather is beautiful. Though we spend all the time we can together, taking a walk is special in that there is no other distraction, like tv, online game, knitting, magazines etc, this is the time for each other.

4. Cats - my most favourite animals ... elegant, intelligent, cunning, beautiful ...

5. Driving - this is a newly acquired skill for me. Growing up in a metropolitan city (Hong Kong), I never have the chance to understand or appreciate the feeling of freedom driving can give me. However, I know very well this activity contribute to the destruction of our planet, so I try to keep a balance ... I never drive without a purpose or destination.

6. Skiing - another newly acquired skill. I love the feeling of skiing downhill. I am not a big fan of speed, but the sensation of things and people passing by quickly is thrilling.

7. Knitting - I am not a crafty person and knitting may be the only kind of handcraft that I can do well. I haven't tried spinning or handpainting/dyeing yarns ... right now I don't have a problem of not having enough things to do, therefore don't want to open another can of worms!

8. Lying in bed, not doing anything, not thinking, just breathing - this may sound easy, but really not thinking is very difficult ... but very relaxing.

9. Blogging - I love doing this because it brings out the creative side of me, the same reason that I love knitting. Though what I knit and write other people may not give a damn, that's my creation ... which is important to me. Of course, now I know there are people who are interested in my creation, and they care to tell me what they think ... that gives extra energy and encouragement to me! So, thanks to you, who are reading!

10. Being alive - I am a very primitive person in this aspect ... I love every moment I am alive and I think I have the same strong survival instinct as a single-cell creature. Husband sometimes would ask what the meaning of life is ... I don't, I just live every moment while I can!

I don't include my family, Husband and my friends in the list because they are people I love, not my favourite things. To me, that's a very big difference. ;)

I don't know if I have to tag others back ... so I just leave it here. But if you are interested, you are always welcome to give your list.


joy said...

I like the 'lying in bed' way of relaxing. I'm going to get everyone in the house to try it, especially the kids when they start getting rambuctious. I tagged you with a book meme, hope you don't mind. :)

Liz said...

A very nice list Agnes. I did list people in my list because they are so precious to me, and I'm not much of a materialist, so 10 things would have been really tough! :)

Anonymous said...

Oo, chocolate! Can't believe I forgot that.

Lying in bed not doing anything, interesting..


Rebekah said...

Great choices! Whenever I read someone elses I remember some things I could have added to mine. Oh well, I guess I'll need to do a list of 100 favorite things, there could be so many.

opportunityknits said...

chocolate definitely! I've tagged you (I see Joy also) with the book meme. No obligation, but play along if you feel like it.

claudia said...

I very much agree with the enjoying being alive part of your answer. Perhaps we are lucky that we are able to be happy without pondering the meaning of life.