Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Working hard on WIPs

First of all, thank you all very much for the kind words. I am not a skinny woman ... but there comes the beauty of cheung-sam - you don't have to be skinny to look good in one. My mothere always says one needs to have some flash to wear a cheung-sam well.

Back to my resolution of working on the various WIPs. I have completed 12 squares out of 30 for the blue afghan ... 40%! The latest patterns I did are the following:

So far, I like working on all the patterns except the cheerio one. But I would like to draw your attention to the middle one above. It's a cable pattern. For all the cable patterns I've worked on, they all have reverse stockinette stitch as the background pattern. However, this one is all in stockinette stitch ... and I think the effect is very good ... especially when I don't like purling too much. My gauge in purling is always more loose.

After reaching the target for the blue afghan, I turned to the crocheted afghan. Knitting always comes to me more naturally. With crocheting, I tend to get tired (physically) more easily, especially with the arm holding the hook. So, I need more will power to crochet. I managed to finish 3 squares over the weekend:

Ever since I learned the trick of adjusting the hook size for the edge, I have been going faster because I didn't have to struggle too much to achieve the exact size for the squares. Now I am 12 out of 63 squares for this afghan. A long way to go!

The Cascading Leaves Socks have turned heels and are approaching the toes!

Accroding to the pattern, these are called "Round Heel" from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks ... and I like them. They seem to fit better. It seems that this pair of socks are turning out well ... so I would send them to my mother as Mother's Day Present. That means I need to hurry up a bit.

To reward myself on working hard, I allowed myself to cast on for a new project. Recognise this?

Now it has become this:

Yeah, I backed out of Prairie and reknit it into the Cabled Vest from Vogue Knitting SS 2005. Since I have done the swatching, I went directly to the knitting. The gauge of the yarn is smaller than the one used in the pattern, so I chose a bigger size. The black top is what I use as the control piece. So far, the width is okay ... a little bit wider than the control, which is good. Keep my fingers crossed that this time it would turn out fine.


Siow Chin said...

I love Prairie but I also love that cable top from VK. I think it'll be great looking on you.

mimi said...

What a fun project is your blue afghan! You also seem to be very good at crochet. Will be following your posts to see the FO's. I am a new member of Asiaknits and have enjoyed your blog. Oh, I used to live and work in Silicon Valley too! In fact, I went back last Summer for a month. It was nice to refresh the memories and see the changes......

Peggy said...

The pastel crochet afghan squares are very pretty and I especially like the texture gray zig-zag block. Can't wait to see th afghans when they're finished.