Monday, April 18, 2005

No more casting on!

Why? Because I suddenly discovered that my knitting basket for WIPs has been overflowing! I was a bit annoyed by this. I always say to myself that the afghans are "long-term" projects. Okay, but this won't transform them into organic plants which would grow on their own! They are of the exact same size I left them there in the basket, say, 2 months ago? So, this is the decision, I have to work on the long-term projects consistantly so that they would become shorter term ones. These include:

1) Rhapsody in Blue afghan
2) Old Tile Jacket
3) 63-easy-to-crochet afghan

I have kept to my decision. I am now in the 4th square of the second stripe of the blue afghan:

So, you see the white square in the pic? It is a very simple double seed stitch (I made this name up) but the result is surprisingly pleasing. I hope you can see it clearly despite the fact that it is white. The plan is when I finish the 6-square second stripe, I would pick up the crochet afghan.

On the other hand, I would always have a pair of socks on the needles ... these are for the need of faster gratification ... very important indeed. This is my current sock project:

It is a project from the Townsend Socks Knit-a-long. The original pattern has 5 repeats of the falling leaves pattern. I would like the socks to be shorter in the leg, so I just made 4. I used Elann's Esprit Print in Summer Sky. At first I was afraid the variegated colour would compromise the pattern, but it seems that it turns out fine. What do you think?

As you can see from the picture that I am knitting both socks using 2 sets of DPNs. I don't really have "second sock syndrome". Instead, I have the paranoid fear of two socks of different sizes. Recently, I invested in a bunch of Crystal Palace DPNs, 2 sets for each size. So, no matter what yarn I use, I can knit both socks at the same time. With this investment, however, I have another problem - my knitting notion pouch is not enough for all these DPNs. One leading to another, I made another investment:

I think it is very cute!

Concerning Heather's request for tips on using Rowan KSH, well, it was my first time using this yarn too, so yes, it was indeed a bit scary as the yarn was, in Husband's words, so fragile. However, you would find that it is in no way fragile when you have to frog it! I used Denise plastic needles as it would be less slippery. Perhaps bamboo needles would even be better if you have any. I used the 52" long cord that Lu RAOKed me even before I was a member of the group. I would be forever grateful to her for that as with the extra long cord, I have enough room to spread the wrap out to see the pattern.

Another important thing I learned during the process of using KSH is how to frog mohair. This is no ripping with abandon ... the mohair would just get more tightly tangled if you rip it like wool. You have to go one stitch at a time, though sometimes that would mean tears gathering in your eyes due to fatigue! The combination of mistake and teary eyes means that it's time to put the mohair project down for some time. Besides, you may want to read Claudia's comment in my April 12 post to know how to change for a new ball of yarns and weave in loose ends. I think these are pretty much what I think are important in using KSH. So, don't worry, Heather, go ahead with your mohair project ... I'm quite sure you would love it as I do!


Heather said...

Cheers for this! Your kind help means, of course, that I might come back later for more advice when the yarn has me in desperation...Your respone was also the final encouragement I needed to drop a bunch of cash on the Denise set. Whee! I promise never to buy another needle again. Ever. : )

Grumperina said...

I think those socks are looking very nice. The striping doesn't interfere with the texture at all. Often I see people make quite complex textures with handpainted yarn, and often it just doesn't work. I'm working with elann's Cascade Fixation equivalent, too, and I love it!

Karen said...

Your socks are looking beautiful as is all the things you knit. I on the other hand am taking a few days off from knitting.....If I have to frog another time I will cry. Maybe this is a sign that I should finish some WIP's. I know that it feels right to complete tasks before starting others. Have a wonderful day Agnes!