Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's all about books ... and a confession to make!

When I was knitting "Tie One On", it suddenly struck me that I didn't have any knitting reference books. Pattern books, yes, I have a few. Magazines, numerous. But I just don't have any technique-teaching reference books. I don't even have a knitting stitches book. I have always relied on the internet whenever a question arises. But suddenly I felt that perhaps it was time to get a reference book.

So I took a trip to B&N. After browsing through the craft books section, I had an idea what knitting reference books are available. Then I went to various knitting groups and forums to see what the knitters think. Finally, I bought this on ebay. Actually I have checked out the Vogue Knitting handbook from the library. I think it is pretty good too.

While browsing in B&N, I picked up this:

With this, I can save the trouble of looking for sweater patterns for Husband. He just likes plain stockinette stitch. I am also thinking I can try my hand on designing sweater patterns for myself ... and this book will be of great help.

Talking about books, Yarn Harlot's book is a hot item among knitters recently. I have a confession to make. I still don't have At Knit's End. Mmm ... actually I have two confessions to make. The other one is that yesterday I went to Border's and saw several copies of Yarn Harlot's book. But instead of buying it, I bought this. I didn't mean any disrepect for Yarn Harlot, I did read a few pages of her book and thought it was good ... but I didn't have the motivation to buy it yet. And I think many of you would understand when you see an Alice Starmore book in the bookstore sold for a MSRP price, you just don't have to think, right?

P.S. For those of you living in Silicon Valley and are still looking for a copy of At Knit's End, you can go to the Border's in Sunnyvale. There were about 10 copies yesterday. Good luck.


grumperina said...

You're going to love Montse Stanley's book - it is one of my favorites, and I can't keep track of how often I use it! Just full of information, cover to cover!

claudia said...

You picked a good book -- its the only knitting reference book that I own. Just keep in mind that Ms. Stanley is of the "my way or the highway" school of knit instructors. There is alot of opinion in there, so take those bits with a large grain of salt.

That KSH wrap that you made is extremely cute on you.