Thursday, April 07, 2005

Change of heart

Everybody is talking about the new Knitty. While I may not be as grumpy as Kathy, I certainly am not too thrilled with most of the patterns. However one of them does manage to change my heart.

Some time ago, I bought 2 balls of Rowan Kid Silk Haze for this:


Lovely, isn't it? However, after knitting New England, I have a better understanding of my skills at lace knitting. I like it ... I am just not good at it, yet. So, I don't think I am going to start this lace scarf very soon. Frogging mohair is not an enjoyable task. Then came nona's beautiful wrap:


To be honest with you, the simpler style of "Tie one on" is actually more suitable for me. Now I just pray that "Tie one on" wouldn't become another Clapotis.


Karen said...

I like the lace shawl you chose. I myself have never knitted anything lace so I do not know what to expect. You are such a beautiful knitter so I have no doubt that your shawl will look perfect. Make sure to post your progress so I can see too!

Lu said...

I like the Tie One On as well, and I think I can find something in my stash for it!

vi said...

I don't remember seeing that one... but I like it
it is simple, easy to wear and looks good.
as to fawn's name.... I am posting some to consider
ps: she is really coming around

letti said...

ah..that is very sweet looking! and just right for when the weather is just a little chilly, but not too much. Good for spring time, i say!

Lynette said...

You are definitely right about frogging mohair. Tie One On is pretty, plus you could have fun picking out the pin/brooch.