Tuesday, April 12, 2005

April is the cruellest month ...

and yet, I have to disagree with Mr. Eliot. April has been bringing me good news ever since I came to the States. I got my driver's license in April 2 years ago; Husband and I got our green cards in April last year. This year, we are able to bring Elise home in April. We have been busying ourselves over the last weekend getting ready for her arrival. Who is Elise? This is:

The 48 hours before we got the car was terrible. Husband felt restless all the time ... couldn't concentrate doing anything ... and having dreams about the car. Finally, all these are over. Elise is now safely sitting inside the freshly cleaned and tidied garage. Hopefully, the weather will continue to be gorgeous in the coming weekend ... then we can get a ride in the mountains! Yay!

A lot have beening happening on the knitting front. First of all, I have join a number of knit-alongs. Yet, most of them don't have a deadline for FO. I really can't stand the pressure of rushing through projects because I have joined a knit-along. On the other hand, though there is no real serious consequence if I fail to meet the deadline, I think it is just meaningless if one joins a knit-along and then forgets about it. Among the knit-alongs I've joined, I think ReKAL is worth mentioning. The slogan of ReKAL is "Recyle, Reuse, Renew" and I think it is very meaningful. With careful selection, we don't always have to spend a fortune on buying yarns for knitting ... and I just got these from the thrift store for ReKAL projects:

I am still in the process of unravelling the sweaters, and there is still a lot to be done before I can decide what projects I can use them for.

Talking about knit-alongs, it seems so far there is no knit-along for "Tie one on" ... which I think is not a bad thing. I cast on for the wrap on Friday and thought it would be a really quick project. However, with the car occupying much of my time and attention, I still don't have an FO yet. Hopefully, I would be able to finish tonight and post on it. Keep my fingers crossed.


Laura.Y said...

Hiya! hehe I'm doing REKAL too but with Alison over at theblueblog. I have the Tie One On waiting in line. That's going to be for my granny. She loves those. :) Would like to see ur progress on both! I like that orangy sweater u got for REKAL. I'm somewhat into that sorta colors now hehe.

Karen said...

Wow Agnes that is a beautiful car!!!! What type is it? I love it and I hope the weather is beautiful so you can ride it this weekend. I love the color of Elise too!

claudia said...

That is one kick-ass car. Seriously, it is making me hyperventilate.

I'm not too worried about doing any weaving in of Kidsilk Haze ends. I knit the old ball strande together with the new ball strand for about 4 stitches and left the tails hanging. I'll trim the tails, but that is probably it. The yarn sticks to itself *so much* that it ain't going nowhere fast.

letti said...

wow, that is one gorgeous car!

Kimberli said...

Yummy Car!
I bought a sweater for a ReKAL project too...unraveling...OY!