Monday, March 28, 2005

You know the new season is coming when ...

you go into B&N empty-handed and come out with these:

Spring magazines scaled

Okay ... the Rebecca and Jaeger are not new. I got them during my first trip to The Knitting Arts in Saratoga. Talking about this shop ... I LOVE IT! First of all, downtown Saratoga is a beautiful charming little town with lots of good places for dining. Then, the yarn store is beautifully decorated and well-stocked. Furthermore, the people working there are very friendly and helpful. During the hour when I was browsing the magazines there, I observed them helping customers unravel a project gone wrong, choosing matching yarns for a scarf and just chatting with customers amiably. I went there looking for some Crystal Palace DPNs but they only carry Plymouth needles. I just felt that I needed to buy something from them. I have always wanted to get a copy of Rebecca and the Jaeger Aqua featured some very simply designed and elegant patterns.

So much about the magazines. Now have a look at this little mountain of yarns:

mountain of yarns cropped

Actually I should have included a teapot or mug in the picture to show you the actual size of the heap. If you have read this post, you would recognize the colours. Yes, I have finished the first sleeve of the Old Tile jacket. With the fun part done, I spent my Friday evening and the whole Saturday weaving in the ends. It was an extremely dreary task. The only thought that kept me on the task was that all the previous effort would be wasted if I didn't do this. But boy, how proud I was of myself when I was finally done:

Old Tile sleeve cropped

So proud that I almost felt like framing it! The stitches are a bit uneven because the yarns are cotton, which has much less elasticity than wool, and also because I haven't blocked it yet.

Now I am off to cast on for the second sleeve ... as I don't really want to frame this one. I want to wear it!


Eva Shiu said...

The sleeve is very beautiful ! Can't wait to see the FO comes out !

Lynette said...

Looks very artsy! If you can't frame your sleeve, how about a framing a picture of your sleeve?

I like what you've been doing to your blog - especially the sidebar pictures. How are you doing that?

Knit Chick said...

The sleeve came out pretty cool. I totally agree with leaving BN with a bunch of magazines.

I really want to visit the LYS in Saratoga. The last time I was in Saratoga, it was pre-knitting.