Saturday, March 05, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

Not much picture-worthy progress so far. I have just started the second stripe of the blue afghan while the first one is still awaiting blocking. I need to do it in the morning as I am using our mattress ... have to make sure it is done by the evening. Somehow it always slipped my mind during the mornings last week.
The second of Pretty Comfy Socks is now approaching the heel. I hope I have something to show you real soon. The pattern is really beautiful. I couldn't help wearing the unfinished first sock again and again during the process of knitting.
The cotton summer top is still in stalled mode. *Sigh*

I started on Square#10 of the 63-square project. Also I am working on a blog where I can display the squares I have completed. That may take me a lot of work as I am really not good at HTML.

Maverick's Surf Competition
What makes this surf competition so different is that it is not an annual event. The organizers decide whether they would have the competiton, if so, when, by collecting surf data and make predictions for the big waves. So, the competition can be held any time between November and March, if it is held at all. Besides, it is not a contest that is open to the public. Only a select few, around 20, really good surfers from around the world are invited. They usually only have 24-hour notice in advance. So, if for whatever reason they can't make it, then they have to wait for at least another year.
This year, the competition was held on March 2. We learned about it on Monday. Husband took a day off from work and we went to Half Moon Bay again. But I can tell you, we were definitely not alone. Take a look at this:

Baiscally, the whole beach was full of people. I think many of them skipped work and school just so they could come and watch the competition. Last Saturday when we came, we just saw the mild side of Maverick's waves. On the day of the competition, we experienced what contributed to its reputation. Later I learned from radio news that the highest wave that day amounted to 30 feet high! If you are interested, you can get more photos here.


Ka' Knits said...

Wow Agnes....those waves are hugh! We do not see them that big here in the east. Must have been a sight to see....I checked out the pictures....amazing!

letti said...

sounds like you had a nice time~! I've only body surfed so far with the little body board and even then i was just on my tummy :)