Sunday, March 20, 2005

Spring Equinox

Today is Spring Equinox which heralds the arrival of spring to the Earth. I think there is nothing better than the news of new life to celebrate this. This morning, I received an email from a friend in Hong Kong announcing that she gave birth to a little girl on March 13. I don't know her name yet ... but welcome little girl and happy birthday!

I've been doing some spring-cleaning on my blog - organizing the buttons and links in the side-bar. You may notice that I have joined 2 new knit-alongs - Sock It To Me and Wavy KAL. I joined Wavy KAL because recently there was a matching Wavy hat pattern and I'd love to do that. The only problem is the colour I used for the scarf is out of stock. I have to wait to see if Elann would restock this colour.

Knitting-wise, my old tile jacket is progressing ... much faster than I expect. There are 154 rows for each sleeve. I am now at row 118 of the first. Of course during the process, there has been frogging going on ... some minor ... some serious (I discovered I dropped one stitch about 20 rows down)! The advantage of this pattern is that it is all irregular ... even if I make some mistakes in the colours ... it doesn't really matter.

Those of you who left comments have been really nice. Eva said I was brave and Siow Chin said I was fearless. These are kind words to give me confidence. The truth is if I saw this pattern the first time now, I would still think it is beautiful ... but no way I would even think of working on it, not to mention start buying the yarns. Now that I have all the yarns, if I don't start, I have no idea what to do with them. Hmm 2 There is a Chinese saying that goes like this: new-borns are not afraid of tigers. 6 months back, I was a new-born knitter.

Karen is really kind in showing to me her intarsia work on her blog. Now I know that I am on the right track. Thanks, Karen. And thomasina, thank you and I would checking your blog to see how your intarsia project would be going. Martha has created 10 very cute monsters in 10 days. I read her posts every day to see each one of them coming out. Thank you, Martha. I hope the jacket would come out "spectacular" too!

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